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Strengthen Office 365 Against Impersonation Attacks

Microsoft Office 365 is a powerful tool for business, and many organizations are moving to this cloud solution due to ease of use, robust collaboration features, and streamlined operations. Office 365 also provides several good native security features such as built-in malware and anti-spam filtering that protect your organization from malicious software. With the rise of impersonation attacks, however, there's a need for enterprises to set up and maintain their DMARC record to take full advantage of O365's DMARC enforcement capabilities. This is where Valimail’s fully automated Identity Driven Email Anti-impersonation (IDEA) platform helps power your Office 365 solution with complete anti-impersonation protection.

A Trust Layer for Enhanced Protection

Valimail's Identity Driven Email Anti-impersonation (IDEA) platform works with O365 and other SEGs to ensure 360 protection from an entire new class of email attack vectors. The Valimail Enforce and Defend products work together to stop both inbound and outbound impersonation attacks with a deterministic, identity-based approach with guaranteed results. When you know that only authorized senders can send email as you, and that only authorized, trusted email senders can reach your employees' inboxes, you can have full confidence that your people: employees, executives, customers and partners -- are safe.

Complement Office 365 Content Filtering with Impersonation Protection Without Access to PII

Unlike other solutions that take a copy of your email or access the contents of your messages to look for keywords, links, malware, and attachments, Valimail for Microsoft Office 365 uses an identity-based approach to protect against spear phishing and impersonation attacks. Valimail’s cloud solution authenticates every email in real-time, sanctioning legitimate senders and thwarting fraud from malicious impersonators. Valimail’s global fully automated platform scales to meet the largest organization's needs and requires minimal administrative resources. Key features of our enterprise-grade infrastructure include:

  • Global deployment, with fully redundant 99.995% infrastructure
  • Data encryption at rest and in transit • SSO/Access controls/2-factor authentication
  • Privacy Shield Certified/ISOC2
  • SOC 2 Type II
  • No PII

Valimail’s automated approach has proven to be both effective and efficient, as it’s saved us countless employee hours.

Vivek Raman

Director of Engineering, Yelp

I was amazed at the level of automation Valimail provides. It eliminates the need for two FTEs, so my staff can focus on other key priorities.

JJ Agha

VP of Information Security, WeWork