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Add Anti-Impersonation Protection to Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 provides native security features, such as Advanced Threat Protection, which shield your organization from malicious software and content. However, enterprises must still set up and maintain DMARC records to take full advantage of O365's DMARC enforcement capabilities.

This is where Valimail’s fully automated, identity driven email anti-impersonation (IDEA) platform comes in: It complements Office 365’s existing security controls, protecting your employees and brand with a complete anti-impersonation defense.

A Trust Layer for Enhanced Protection

Valimail's IDEA platform works seamlessly with Office 365 to ensure protection from email impersonation. Using a revolutionary automated platform, Valimail Enforce avoids the PII and PHI exposure, manual maintenance, and high false positive rates associated with other vendors. Your organization can now be more secure by fully automating services discovery and authorization, with no need to manually update DNS. No blacklists, manual domain reconciliation, or access to PII/PHI is required, making Valimail vastly easier to manage, with just 0.2 FTEs.

When placed in front of an existing SEG, such as Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection, Valimail creates a Trust Layer — an authentication layer that prevents exact-domain attacks from ever reaching partners, customers, or employees, while protecting your brand globally.

Complement Office 365 Content Filtering with Impersonation Protection Without Access to PII

Valimail’s cloud solution authenticates every email in real time, ensuring legitimate senders get delivered while thwarting fraud attempts from malicious impersonators.

Key features of our enterprise-grade infrastructure include:

  • Global deployment, with fully redundant 99.995% infrastructure
  • Data encryption at rest and in transit
  • The only FedRAMP-Authorized email authentication solution
  • SSO, access controls, and two-factor authentication
  • Privacy Shield Certified
  • SOC 2 Type 2 Certified
  • No personally identifiable information (PII) is ever used

We are able to effectively quarantine impersonated emails in a way we weren’t able to before at Splunk.

Chris Cravens

VP Business Applications & Development, Splunk

I was amazed at the level of automation Valimail provides. It eliminates the need for two FTEs, so my staff can focus on other key priorities.

JJ Agha

VP of Information Security, WeWork