50,000 customers and counting: Why you need DMARC now

Valimail has reached 50,000 customers, a testament to how important DMARC has become.
50k customers

We’ve hit a major milestone at Valimail: We’ve surpassed 50,000 total customers leveraging our DMARC-as-a-Service platform! This achievement, with significant growth accelerating in recent months, is a testament to the impact of our mission and a clear signal – DMARC is no longer a “nice-to-have.” It’s an essential security measure.

From innovation to necessity: The evolution of DMARC

Valimail invented hosted Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting, and Conformance (DMARC) in 2015 and since then, we’ve seen the industry significantly evolve. In today’s environment, email remains a company’s most valuable marketing channel and a good source of revenue. If a brand can’t clearly identify itself as the legitimate sender, those emails simply won’t reach their intended recipients.

2024 Account Growth - Quarterly

The shift of DMARC in the email landscape has transformed email authentication into a necessity for legitimate email delivery. It’s no longer only about stopping bad actors—it’s about guaranteeing that good actors, like your brand, actually reach your customers. We’ve witnessed not only the growing need for DMARC but also a heightened sense of urgency surrounding its compliance.

Industry shift: Embracing DMARC compliance

As we reflect on achieving this milestone, it makes us proud that it correlates with major trends in the email industry. The announcement of new email sender requirements from Google and Yahoo (and similar requirements to come from Microsoft in the future) has significantly amplified the importance of DMARC compliance. 

In addition, helping businesses navigate these requirements and achieve compliance has opened doors to valuable partnerships with Email Service Providers (ESPs), creating a synergistic ecosystem for robust email security. This confluence of factors has fueled a huge surge in DMARC demand and email authentication awareness.

“For years, email authentication has been touted as a security best practice to combat brand abuse, spear phishing, and impersonation attacks. But let’s be honest, adoption has been sluggish and budgets haven’t always reflected the urgency. Now, Google and Yahoo recognized the rampant abuse and realized Valimail already has the solution to significantly curb it: robust email authentication. This isn’t just a “nice-to-have” anymore. It’s the gateway to email delivery. We’re building a foundation of trust for email that’s never existed before, unlocking a wave of potential, starting with innovations like BIMI.”

Seth Blank, Valimail CTO

Leading the way to the future

At Valimail, our mission has always been – and continues to be – to restore trust in email. Your email is the key to your digital identity. We’ve been at the forefront of building awareness around DMARC’s importance, and we’re proud to have witnessed widespread adoption. Our reaching 50,000 users in record time is a significant reflection of that.

The involvement of major industry players like Google, Yahoo, and, most recently, Microsoft elevates the conversation and empowers us to reach a mainstream audience with a message encouraging a secure email ecosystem for everyone.

Embracing the future of email with Valimail

We’re not just here to celebrate milestones – we’re here to be a trusted partner in navigating the evolving email landscape. We offer the best and most effective path to DMARC implementation and ongoing enforcement, ensuring your business continues to thrive in the digital age.

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