G2 Winter 2024: Valimail Shines in DMARC Category

Discover all the badges and awards Valimail won in the G2 Winter 2024 report.
G2 Winter 2024

Valimail remains a leader in G2’s DMARC category, and we’re still the #1 Momentum and Grid Leader for the space.

With the new G2 Winter 2024 report, Valimail appeared on 72 reports with 28 unique badges. 

Learn more about the results of the G2 Winter 2024 report below. 

What Is G2’s Report? 

Customers trust G2, the popular software marketplace, to find new software. Here, consumers can read reviews from software users, and G2 utilizes this data to publish a report every quarter. 

G2 generates the report by considering reviews and measuring, tracking, and ranking the companies. 

Valimail has been included in G2’s DMARC category. To be considered in this category, DMARC companies need to meet these requirements: 

  • Have knowledge of SPF and DKIM updated alignment standards
  • Scan email accounts for DMARC compliance
  • Assist with sending source configuration for DMARC-compliant sending
  • Offer support to block fraudulent emails from being sent from an unregistered domain name

Valimail meets these requirements and is eligible to win awards in G2’s DMARC category.

Valimail Awards and Badges

We’re excited to be recognized as the leader in the DMARC space continuously. We’ve been recognized for our work with these badges: 

Find all of the other badges we’ve earned on G2’s site under the G2 Winter 2024 report. 

Customer Reviews

We’ve maintained our 4.6/5 stars status with 203 reviews. These reviews reflect our commitment to providing excellent software and customer service. 

Here are a few of the reviews we’ve received in the last quarter:

“What I appreciate most about Valimail is its user-friendly management, which makes setting up DMARC security a breeze. The fact that they offer a free trial for a single domain is fantastic. Plus, their reporting is straightforward and easy to use. All of these features make Valimail a top choice for DMARC security.”

Bilgin Metin, Bogazici University

“Valimail has been an invaluable tool for our organization in preventing email fraud and ensuring email deliverability. The platform is easy to use and provides comprehensive email authentication solutions. With Valimail, we have been able to protect our brand reputation and maintain trust with our customers. The real-time monitoring and reporting features are particularly useful, allowing us to identify and address any issues promptly. The customer support team at Valimail has been responsive and helpful, providing us with timely assistance whenever needed. Overall, we highly recommend Valimail for any organization looking to enhance email security and deliverability.”

Steven North, BizWeb Consulting

Get DMARC Visibility for Free

Starting in February 2024, both Google and Yahoo will require bulk senders to incorporate elements of email authentication, including having a DMARC policy. Email best practices are now becoming the standard to keep sending mail, and we’re excited to help even more businesses as we look forward to 2024 and the new Google and Yahoo sending requirements

“Your email should be trusted and safe. Everyone’s email should be. This is Valimail’s mission: restore trust to email. We believe that authentication is foundational, and doing it correctly is critical. Google is elevating best practices — having strong authentication — into requirements. We welcome this! And we’re looking forward to partnering with Google to take this even further and ensure quality of enforcement.”

Seth Blank, CTO of Valimail

While we’re grateful for all our amazing reviews and G2 awards, we are looking forward to elevating best email practices and helping more companies set up their DMARC policy to make email sending safer for everyone. 

If you’re a bulk sender and need to set up a DMARC policy before February 2024, our free tool, Monitor, can help. Once you get insight into your domain’s sender, you can lock down your domain to only authorized users. 

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