Free DMARC Report Analyzer Tool for your domains

Get deep visibility into all the cloud services leveraging your domain to send email – both legitimate and compromised – with Valimail’s free DMARC analyzer.

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Get comprehensive intelligence

Gain visibility into the global traffic being sent on behalf of your primary and subdomains.

Valimail Online Analyzer

Valimail provides a hassle-free analyzer report with a monitor solution that will identify up to 100% of your services by name. This eliminates the challenges of interpreting raw IP data in DMARC reports manually. Quickly identify and authorize all senders, point out any bad actors, and make the first step towards enforcement with Monitor.

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Set Up

Fast to deploy – just five minutes to point a DMARC record to the Valimail Cloud

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Automates discovery of third-party cloud services legitimately utilizing your domain as well as malicious actors abusing your domain for their own nefarious purposes

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Eliminates the need for manual analysis of DMARC reports


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