Alexander García-Tobar

CEO & Co-founder, Valimail

Alexander García-Tobar co-founded Valimail in 2015 after seeing the need for applying automated authentication (zero trust) to a primary communications platform: email. By authenticating the sender of an email, he understood that we can authoritatively address the root attack vector (89%) of email fraud, phishing, brand abuse, and impersonation (BEC) scams. Alexander applied automation to the emerging email authentication standard DMARC, thereby establishing Valimail as the DMARC market share, thought, and technology leader. He has since become a frequent, prominent speaker on DMARC and the need for companies to authenticate their email.

In 2015, Alexander co-founded the AuthIndicators Working Group ​​with the goal of creating a more secure, trustworthy inbox experience for email users. The group developed Brand Indicators for Message Identification (BIMI), a standard for a more secure global framework that will enable inboxes to display sender-designated logos. BIMI has since been adopted by global email inbox providers like Yahoo, Apple, and Google. 

Alexander is also a serial entrepreneur and global executive who has been CEO at two previous firms and has run global sales teams for three companies that went IPO. Prior to Valimail, Alex held executive and analyst positions at leading research companies such as The Boston Consulting Group and Forrester Research, and at Silicon Valley startups such as ValiCert, Sygate, and SyncTV.

Alexander speaks Dutch, Italian, Spanish, English, French, and Papiamento. When he’s not at Valimail, loves to ski, bike, snorkel, scuba, and hang with his family.