Valimail Announces Next-Generation Automated Email Authentication Platform

Identity-Driven Email Anti-impersonation (IDEA) Platform™ Provides The World’s Only Fully Automated Email Authentication System

SAN FRANCISCO, April  11, 2018 — Valimail, the world’s only provider of fully automated email authentication, today unveiled its next-generation authentication platform, the Valimail Identity-Driven Email Anti-impersonation (IDEA)™ platform.

This modular platform is designed for robustness, global availability, four-nines of reliability, and extensibility. Unlike current solutions in the market, it enables complete, turn-key automation of DMARC enforcement, without ever touching the customer’s DNS, ensuring the highest success rates in the industry.

The IDEA platform is already powering two current products, Valimail Enforce™ and Valimail Deliver™, serving numerous enterprise customers and protecting their employees, customers, and partners from billions of fraudulent emails while increasing deliverability and providing reliable, worry-free brand protection.

“With Valimail Enforce, WeWork was able to implement email authentication and set a DMARC policy of enforcement for our email domains in about three months, with very little IT staff overhead,” said Jonathan Agha, VP of Information Security at WeWork. “And what’s quite amazing is that they never touched our DNS. The technology it’s built on is easy to use, reliable, and incredibly effective. I look forward to seeing what this company comes up with next.”

Valimail’s IDEA platform removes significant technical hurdles including email sender identification and management challenges, and other issues associated with traditional approaches to email authentication. Benefits of the IDEA platform include:

  • Fully automated solution guarantees email authentication to stop impersonation attacks, protect your brand, and improve deliverability
  • Patented technology solves many of the technical challenges organizations face in email authentication deployment
  • Unique cloud-based approach requires no IT resources and no manual effort on the customer’s part
  • Ensures that authorized email services are properly identified and authenticated so only malicious emails are blocked
  • Unlike other solutions, does not risk exposure to personally identifiable information (PII), helping ensure GDPR compliance

“The IDEA platform is another innovation that helps companies of all sizes to achieve DMARC enforcement through real automation,” said Alexander García-Tobar, CEO and co-founder of Valimail. “Other approaches on the market provide monitoring and reporting tools but fail to overcome the technological hurdles and put the onus of performing tasks on the customers, resulting in disappointment and failure.”

The Valimail IDEA Platform consists of five main components:

  • Valimail Authenticator: provides correct, complete responses to all email authentication queries based on the domain owner’s policy as defined in the Enforcement Controller, and collects metadata from every request to enrich the platform’s Threat Intelligence component. The Authenticator includes Valimail’s patented InstantSPF™ technology that solves one of the most common stumbling blocks in email authentication — the SPF ten domain lookup limit — allowing organizations to authenticate an unlimited number of services.
  • Valimail Service Identifier: catalogs and identifies thousands of third-party services that send email on behalf of domain owners. Based on Valimail’s proprietary Machine Learning technology, Service Identifier is the only technology on the market that successfully identifies not only the obvious, well-known email senders with their own email infrastructures, but also the smaller SaaS apps that are more difficult to pinpoint since they use multi-tenant email cloud infrastructures provided by ESPs (Email Service Providers).
  • Valimail Enforcement Controller: allows domain owners to define the list of sources that can send email on their domain’s behalf, ensuring all other email is blocked. Authorized services are displayed to users in a simple, human readable format that Valimail Enforcement Controller automatically translates to the configuration required to enable the service.
  • Valimail Threat Intelligence: combines and analyzes numerous sources of data, including millions of DMARC aggregate reports and billions of email authentication queries, to give organizations insights into email-based threats targeting employees, customers, and partners.
  • Valimail Analytics Service: provides domain owners with comprehensive views of their email ecosystems as well as the ability to deep dive into specific areas of interest.

The Valimail IDEA platform runs on a highly scalable, robust, distributed Amazon Web Services infrastructure, with global points of presence in the U.S., EMEA, and Asia. It guarantees four nines (99.99%) of availability, and is backed by Privacy Shield certification and SOC-2 Level 1 compliance. The platform follows all industry security best practices, including the encryption of all data at rest and in transit.

The Valimail IDEA platform provides APIs and integration points which facilitate integration with third-party applications and platforms. The most recently launched integration is Valimail’s Splunk app, which debuts today. This application enables Valimail customers who use Splunk for system activity monitoring and threat intelligence to get real-time reporting and insights from email data for all their domains. The app leverages Splunk’s Adaptive Response framework to coordinate actions with other security systems that can mitigate the threat posed by increased phishing and impersonation attacks.

The extensibility of the IDEA platform means that Valimail will be able to easily introduce future products based on its infrastructure, and to extend the platform with additional capabilities.

“We are proud to offer the most advanced, extensible email anti-impersonation platform on the market today. With two patents, a wealth of data on the global email ecosystem, and having played active roles in the email community through open-source contributions and standards body work, Valimail is uniquely poised to reinvent authentication for email domains, and we’re just getting started,” said Peter Goldstein, Valimail CTO and co-founder.