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Valimail Align is your fastest path to Gmail and Yahoo compliance. It is built by automating SPF, DKIM, and DMARC alignment, so you can meet authentication requirements quickly and effectively. In fact, we can get you compliant in a matter of days.

We invented automated email authentication back in 2015 for diverse users, from SMBs to FedRAMP government agencies. As such, we’ve released this special early bird offer to give you a smooth transition to meet Gmail and Yahoo’s February requirements.

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How do you define a domain?

This is the apex domain you’re sending email messages from. For us, it’s

How do you define a service?

It is an email sending service or platform you leverage to send messages on your behalf, i.e., Marketo, Hubspot, Lattice, etc. We only count the unique sending services, so even if you use the same service across different domains, you’ll only pay for it once.

Do unauthenticated emails count towards my monthly email volume?

No, email volume is based on authenticated emails only. We do not charge you for unauthenticated or fraudulent emails.

Can Align get me to DMARC enforcement?

No, Align is a custom solution for those who are only looking to meet Gmail and Yahoo compliance without moving to enforcement. This means a DMARC policy of p=none, and SPF and DKIM alignment. Align may not get you to enforcement, but it will get you to enforcement faster when you decide to upgrade to Enforce. Keep in mind, your domains will remain vulnerable to phishing and impersonation attacks outside of Gmail and Yahoo until you set a DMARC policy of quarantine or reject.

What is the difference between Align and Enforce?

The primary goal of Align is to reach Gmail and Yahoo compliance by using automation to align DKIM and SPF with the ‘from’ domain. As for Enforce, the primary goal is to secure domains from phishing and impersonation attacks by getting to DMARC enforcement, delivering brand protection, compliance, and more.

Can I manually move myself to DMARC enforcement?

Align users are not able to move to enforcement without upgrading to Enforce.