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With Valimail Monitor, O365 users get free visibility across all your domains to see what services are failing, where suspicious emails are coming from, and how you can start your journey to DMARC enforcement.

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Authenticate Features Now Available in Enforce

In 2021, Valimail released Authenticate as the first DMARC-as-a-Service offering. In the last 18 months, thousands of companies have trusted Valimail to accelerate their journey to DMARC enforcement. What initially started out as an unproven idea that DMARC enforcement could be automated has now become the new industry standard.

As such, we’ve decided to combine all of these incredible features of Authenticate into our Enforce platform to create the world’s leading DMARC solution.  Some of the highlights from Authenticate that have been added to Enforce include:

  • Automated task lists to enable one-click DMARC enforcement
  • Robust, configurable reporting options
  • Flexible, cost effective options for small and medium-sized businesses

We’ve paired these features with the battle tested capabilities of Enforce, which are trusted by some of world’s leading brands including Uber, Yelp, Splunk, and more:

  • Patented Instant SPF technology to overcome the 10 lookup limit
  • Industry’s most robust sending service catalog with thousands of identified sending services
  • Customizable alerts to quickly identify key changes in configurations, suspicious activity, and more
  • Industry first sending service identification to quickly hunt down the owner of a failing service without relying on limited RUF reports
  • Robust API to integrate to other tools in the security toolchain
  • And much more!

 Don’t know where to start?

Don’t hesitate to reach out to our team of DMARC experts, we’ve helped more than 25,000 customers adopt the DMARC standard.