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Protect your email domain. Protect your brand.

Protect your brand. Secure your email

When your organization’s email domain gets spoofed by hackers and abused in phishing attacks on consumers, your brand — and your outbound email deliverability — takes a direct hit. Protect your domains with Valimail’s automated anti-phishing and BEC protection, including full DMARC enforcement, so only legitimate senders can send email as your brand.

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Your brand reputation is everything

Your reputation is everything

In the age of social media nothing is more critical to the success or failure of your company than your reputation.

The hard work and dollars spent building a compelling and effective brand identity can be destroyed by a single click on the wrong email. It can take 4 years to recover a customer after their confidential information is compromised by a security exploit – and 90%+ of those incidents start with phishing emails.

The bottom line: If you’re a marketer today you need to be concerned with cyber threats.

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Trust: the foundation for marketing success

Trust: the foundation for marketing success

Authentication vastly improves marketing email effectiveness. Once Valimail locks down your email domains, your domain reputation increases and email deliverability rates significantly improve (by 10% to 40%, based on customer experience).

Amplify your brand with millions of new impressions

Amplify your brand with millions of new impressions

By authenticating your email domain using a DMARC record configured to an enforcement policy (quarantine or reject), you will be able to use the BIMI protocol to deliver millions of configurable logo impressions to partners, prospects, and customers’ inboxes. This will turbo-charge your brand marketing email programs. Find out how this works.

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