Dmarc as a Service

Can DMARC Do for Email What SSL Certificates Did for E-commerce?

Email authentication can help secure our cloud services just like SSL did our servers. Image credit: FutUndBeidl

Valimail CEO Alexander García-Tobar explores this question today in InformationWeek’s Dark Reading. The article explains how email’s historic lack of authentication came about, why that’s a problem today, and how DMARC can help solve that problem.

García-Tobar writes,

The good news is the situation is beginning to change for the better, thanks to a movement toward email authentication led by the major email service providers, including Google, Yahoo, AOL and Microsoft. These entities have recently converged around a set of open email authentication standards called DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting, and Conformance). It’s the keystone global standard, integrating two older authentication standards and aligning them in a way that makes it possible to authenticate the identity of an email sender easily, reliably and quickly — essentially creating a white list of acceptable senders of email, and blocking unauthorized senders from delivery.

Read the full article here to learn how DMARC is changing email for the better.

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