Ensure email compliance: Introducing Valimail’s new Email Analyzer Report

Valimail's latest feature, the Email Analyzer Report, provides Valimail Monitor and Align users with real-time insights into their email authentication setup.
new email analyzer report

Are you looking for an easy way to confirm that you’ve got Domain-based Authentication, Reporting, and Conformance (DMARC), DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM), and Sender Policy Framework (SPF) configured correctly? If so, look no further, because we’ve got just what you need in our new Email Analyzer Report, exclusively available for customers utilizing Valimail Monitor or Valimail Align.

With the new Email Analyzer Report, users get a dynamic, real-time check on their email-sending service to determine if their email setup is ready for the updated DMARC, DKIM, and SPF requirements from Google and Yahoo.

Our new Email Analyzer Report:

  • Empowers marketers to check for authentication alignment and compliance without having to make any DNS updates or wait for DMARC reporting feedback
  • Allows users to see a historical view of compliance test snapshots over time
  • Gives a clear and simple view to see authentication pass/fail for the new Yahoo and Google guidelines
  • Provides instant feedback to help you understand if a potential problem has been properly solved

How to use Email Analyzer Report

When logged into Monitor or Align, you’ll see a new option in the left navigation: Email Analyzer Report. Simply click on this new tab and you’ll be greeted with very easy instructions: “Get started by sending an email to (the special address).”

It’s really just that easy:

  1. Follow those instructions.
  2. Send an email to the special address.
  3. Wait sixty seconds.
  4. Refresh the page.

You can view a list of new reports generated from email messages received. You’ll see:

  • Sending address
  • Sending IP address
  • Date and time received
  • Summary pass/fail result
  • Link to view more report details

If you haven’t signed up for Monitor yet, it’s free to use with no credit card or commitment required. Sign up for your free account here.

Reading the results

Just click on the “View Details” link in the list of available Email Analyzer Reports, and our system will tell you whether your email authentication configuration needs attention or is good as it is currently configured.

Below that top line, you’ll see individual DMARC, DKIM, and SPF results. The system will tell you if each type of authentication record is found and whether it passed or failed, allowing you to focus your troubleshooting efforts on any particular one of those three failure points.

needs attention email analyzer report
Needs Attention means you’ve found an issue that still needs to be fixed.

If everything looks good, congratulations! Rest assured you’re in full compliance with the updated Google and Yahoo sender requirements.

GOOD result email analyzer report
Good means you’re in compliance.

Not seeing results?

Keep in mind that our monitoring is based on the specific domain names you have configured in our system. If you send from some other email address domain that isn’t set up in your account, we won’t know that an inbound email should be routed to your account after we examine the message and review the authentication results.

If your account is set up to monitor DMARC results for “example.com,” then your send to the Email Analyzer Report must use a from an address of “(something)@example.com.”

And finally, note that if you make corrections to DNS settings to address an email authentication issue, it could take up to 24-48 hours for settings to fully update and be seen by inbox providers and our testing tool. In this instance, we recommend testing periodically, perhaps every few hours, until the updated authentication settings result in a new test showing results different from prior test results.

Repeat testing as needed

Have you found and fixed an issue? Missing that SPF or DMARC record? Your DKIM public key was configured incorrectly? Now that you’ve fixed the issue, you can easily re-run the Email Analyzer Report as many times as necessary until you’re able to confirm that you’ve got all three authentication checks passing our tests properly.

We’ll keep the prior results and continue to display them in the list of Email Analyzer Reports, allowing you to go back and review previous point-in-time results.

Where to go if you need help

Having trouble? Not seeing results appear when expected? The first place to start is our Help Center article on the Email Analyzer Report. If you need more help configuring DMARC for full domain protection and implementing our email authentication automation tools, please contact our support team.

Try the Email Analyzer Report

Want to see if your email sending services are set up and compliant with the latest Google and Yahoo requirements? Try the new feature out for yourself.

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