G2 Spring 2023: Valimail Is the Market Leader in DMARC Software

Valimail continues to be the leader in the DMARC space according to G2’s Spring 2023 Report.
Valimail G2 Spring Results (1)

We’re excited to announce Valimail as the market leader in DMARC software, according to G2’s 2023 Spring Report. Valimail has held this position since the G2 2023 Winter Report came out, and we’re so excited to continue helping companies reach DMARC enforcement. 

G2 is the most renowned software marketplace that thousands of users trust. They publish this report every three months after measuring, tracking, and ranking the performance of different software companies. They finalize their rankings by reviewing scores, reviews, and ratings from G2 users and reviewers. 

Before G2 can include a company in their DMARC software category, companies need to have products that: 

  • Contain updated knowledge of DKIM and SPF alignment standards
  • Scan email accounts for DMARC compliance
  • Offer tools or integrations that block fraudulent emails from being sent using a registered domain name
  • Assist with the configuration of sending sources for DMARC-compliant sending

Valimail awards and badges

In addition to continuing to be the number one leader in the DMARC Software category, Valimail was fortunate enough to also receive G2 badges in dozens of areas, including the following:

These are just a few of the badges, but you can view all of the badges Valimail earned in the Spring 2023 Report on G2’s site.  

Customer reviews

At the time of this publication, Valimail has 116 ratings that average 4.6/5 stars. We’re thrilled to have been able to help so many companies get visibility into their email-sending services and protect them from being victims of scams like business email compromise.

We know this type of protection can be challenging, and we’re here to make the process as easy as possible. This hard work is reflected in some of the latest customer reviews that we’ve received on G2, including:

“As a small company, we’re probably not the most likely target for spam and spoofed messages but we do care a lot about our email reputation and deliverability for our marketing needs. The Valimail dashboard lets me see what services and IP addresses are sending mail on our behalf as well as checking reported bounces according to our policies. It has been a very useful tool for us as a small business and I’m sure would be effective for others as well.”

-Isaac McDaniel, Latrobe Chamber of Commerce

“[Valimail is] a company that has dedicated all its technology to demystifying complex standards such as SPF, DKIM, and DMARC. Anyone who has attempted to deploy them on their own has probably given up in frustration or has realized how complicated it can be. Valimail has been a very practical, economical, and caring partner that delivers results and a very sophisticated yet easy-to-use technology.”

-Stephen Fridakis, Verify

If you’d like to read more of what our customers are saying, you can find more reviews here.

Start your DMARC journey

We’re grateful to all the customers who trust us to help them reduce phishing, spoofing, and business email compromise attacks. We want to stop these scams before they ever reach an employee’s or customer’s inbox, and we’ll be continuously working to provide a great solution and product. 

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