Introducing the Valimail platform

Infographic of 5 Valimail platforms circling word "idea"

Get ready for the next generation of email authentication. Today, we are announcing the Valimail Identity-Driven Email Anti-impersonation (IDEA)™ platform.

This is a modular platform designed for robustness, global availability, four nines of reliability, and extensibility.

Unlike other solutions in the market, it enables complete, turn-key automation of DMARC enforcement, without ever touching the customer’s DNS, ensuring the highest success rates in the industry.

The IDEA platform is not entirely new. Its five components have been in development (and in use by customers) for over two years. However, today we are revealing the full suite, along with the increasingly robust (and certified) environment that powers it.

The IDEA platform is what powers Valimail Enforce™ and Valimail Deliver™ (formerly known as Valimail SPF), protecting our many enterprise customers, and their employees, customers, and partners, from billions of fraudulent emails. At the same time, the platform increases email deliverability and provides reliable, worry-free brand protection.

The Valimail IDEA platform now also provides APIs and integration points which facilitate integration with third-party applications and platforms. The most recently launched integration is Valimail’s Splunk app, which debuts today. This application enables Valimail customers who use Splunk for system activity monitoring and threat intelligence to get real-time reporting and insights from email data for all their domains.

The extensibility of the IDEA platform means that Valimail will be able to easily introduce future products based on its infrastructure, and to extend the platform with additional capabilities. In other words, stay tuned!

We’re proud to make this announcement today, as it underscores the technical leadership that has launched Valimail into the front of the pack among email authentication providers.

Our technology has won recognition from the MIT Sloan School Innovation Showcase, Info Security Product Guide, Healthcare Informatics Innovator Awards, Cybersecurity Excellence Awards, and CIO Review.

And most importantly to us, our technology has stopped billions of fraudulent emails from reaching their targets.

Please read our press release for a more detailed overview of the news for a drilldown into its major components and how they benefit customers.

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