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Vision 2023 is a half-day virtual conference on December 13, 2022 presented by Valimail’s partner Abnormal Security. The future of cybercrime is changing, and attackers are evolving their tactics for the new year.

Vision 2023 will feature some of the largest names in email security, including Frank Abagnale, author of Scam Me If You Can. Speakers will be weighing in on what it takes to protect your organization against the newest threats, and will cover topics like:

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  • Cybercrime, Identity Theft, and Scams: Tips for Staying One Step Ahead in 2023
  • Hacking with Hackers: Uncovering the Human Element of Cybercrime
  • The Art of the (Im)possible: Overcoming Business Email Compromise
  • Preparing for the Threats of the Future: CISO Concerns for 2023
  • A SOCcessful Team: How to Make Your Security Operations More Efficient
  • Protecting Your Microsoft 365 Environment from BEC and More
  • Hacks That Bypass Multi-Factor Authentication and How to Make Your MFA Solution Phishing Resistant

In addition to those sessions, Valimail’s Chief Technology Officer, Seth Blank, will also be hosting Email Authentication: A Cloud Email Essential Rarely Done Right.

During the session, you can join Seth to learn how leading enterprises like Uber, Fannie Mae, and Mercedes Benz have established seamless email authentication to protect brand reputation and increase consumer trust. In this session, you will learn:

  • What p=none, p=quarantine, and p=reject mean in terms of DMARC policies
  • Why not being at DMARC enforcement leaves you open for impersonation
  • How hackers use exact domain spoofing and similar techniques to drive 89%+ of phishing attacks
  • Why 65% of companies are attempting to get to DMARC enforcement today, but only 20% are successful

As technology and security leaders set their strategy for 2023, one thing is for sure: email will continue to shift aggressively to the cloud. And for good reason, as companies stand to gain significant economic and technical benefits by moving their sending services and email servers outside the firewall.

Vision 2023 is a free conference that you can register for today! Even if you can’t join live, sessions will be recorded and sent to registrants!

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