The new Valimail website: Where design meets digital trust

The Valimail website has a new look and feel, and we're excited to share it with you. Learn more about the why behind our new website, and check it out!
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Since boldly creating hosted DMARC in 2015, Valimail has evolved to provide industry-leading automated DMARC software. Over the last few months, we’ve been working hard behind the scenes to update our brand image and website to reflect the boldness and trust we aim to embody.

Today, we’re unveiling this work with our new brand identity and website. 

Protecting your digital identity

Your email inbox is more than just messages; it’s your digital identity and the location of your most critical communications, and you should be able to trust the messages being sent to it. Our goal has always been to bring trust to email through an intuitive, comprehensive DMARC platform. We’ve now applied that goal to our online presence.

A design that reflects trust

The new website is a visual representation of Valimail’s core values:

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  • Be Trustworthy: We aim to build trust with our customers and display that on the website through our simplified product visuals. We eliminated the tech jargon and added layered photography that blends real-life scenarios with technological elements to reinforce just how easily Valimail integrates into your everyday life.
  • Be Inclusive: Valimail is a people-first company, so we’ve included more people in our website images. Additionally, we’ve also added custom colors for each solution, which not only adds energy but helps users quickly identify the solution best suited for them.  
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  • Be a Learner: We’re dedicated to always learning and iterating, with a strong growth mindset around our solutions. We aim to continuously improve and experiment, which is why we made navigation on our website more intuitive and engaging with color-accented icons and bold, simple typography. 
  • Be Driven: We passionately protect our customers by overcoming difficult obstacles, like getting to DMARC enforcement. This new website design highlights this through clear, solution-driven pages and insights, assisting users in learning about DMARC while also protecting their domain. 

Bringing solutions to the forefront

While we wanted to make sure the website is visually stunning, we also wanted to ensure it’s informational and educational for customers and prospects. We accomplished this by creating brand new pages focused on providing solutions to customer problems:

  • Anti-Phishing: Valimail’s advanced Zero Trust anti-phishing solutions are designed to protect your organization from cyber threats like phishing by securing your communication channels and preventing email impersonation.
  • Compliance: Vailimail simplifies DMARC implementation, ensures industry-standard compliance, and avoids email fraud fines. It gives you panoramic visibility into email authentication, so you can cross data security off your list.
  • Shadow IT: Valimail’s advanced Zero Trust DMARC solution gives you visibility and control over unauthorized email, allowing you to dictate how unauthorized emails are handled to effectively shut down shadow IT.
  • Google and Yahoo Requirements: Have confidence that your email services comply with evolving email sender requirements with our automation platform to seamlessly align SPF and DKIM, providing uninterrupted email delivery without having to reach DMARC enforcement.
  • Brand Protection: By seamlessly integrating DMARC and BIMI, Valimail offers the fastest path to bulk sender compliance with Google and Yahoo to automate your journey to Google’s coveted blue checkmark and boost trust with your customers, employees, and networks.

Trust your email

Our goal with the refreshed website wasn’t just to make it about aesthetics. It’s a statement. In a world where digital threats constantly evolve, Valimail demonstrates that security doesn’t have to be complicated or intimidating. It can be user-friendly, engaging, and even inspiring. We hope the new website invites users into a space where their email identity is trusted, protected, and celebrated.

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