Solving a problem that affects literally billions of people: fake email

Photo of Valimail best places to work 2018 award

Nestled in the heart of San Francisco’s Financial District on the 20th floor of a high rise is Valimail, a company dedicated to protecting the world from the #1 cyber attack vector: malicious emails. While our view alone captures most people’s breath, it’s Valimail’s product and culture that captures the attention of engineers.

For starters, engineers get the opportunity to make a meaningful impact and correct email’s speckled history, improving on the core communications platform used by more than 3.8 billion people every day. Email is still based on open standards, and Valimail engineers have made significant contributions to core open source packages, key working groups, and even RFCs. Valimailers on our dynamic and diverse senior engineering team help shape the very core technologies of the internet.

Our engineers have chosen Valimail not just because of their passion to protect and make a difference, but also because they are surrounded by other intelligent engineers who are driven by the same mission and who love being in a high-velocity learning culture where it’s OK to fail.

To quote a few of Valimail’s engineers:

  • “I have a knack for picking winning startups.” (engineer at three former startups that either were either acquired or merged with other firms).
  • “I have a passion to really make a difference and protect our customers from being taken advantage of. We all know someone, either personally or at least from news exposure, that has been attacked. It’s truly a real-world problem that we are providing a solution to and I am proud of that.”
  • “I love being surrounded by other senior engineers in an environment where work-life balance is extremely important to the company’s culture. So many other start-ups in a high growth stage make engineers work ridiculously long hours. I love that I am able to go home to my family every night and never feel that there is something extra I need to do. I trust my team that we have all done our best, every single day.

While these are great quotes from our engineers (and I did not pay or bribe them in any way…except for a pumpkin soft serve affogato to one in particular), you can learn even more first hand. Come see for yourself what it means to be an engineer at Valimail.

We offer a transparent culture where we all take ownership and acknowledge our mistakes and move on from them. Everyone here has a forward path in their career where they are encouraged to go forward where they want to go and acquire new skills and tools along the way.

And we’re making a positive difference for a platform that is already in active, daily use by literally billions of people.

You have nothing to lose, and so much to gain. Check out the job openings at Valimail!

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