Valimail and Pax8 Team Up to Protect MSPs and Their Customers From Email-based Attacks

Protect your email inbox thanks to Valimail and Pax8's new partnership.
valimail and pax8 partnership

Valimail is proud to announce that IT and security departments can now leverage our anti-phishing and email fraud protection within the Pax8 Marketplace for Managed Service Providers (MSPs)

Pax8 is the leading cloud commerce marketplace and has cloud-enabled more than 400,000 enterprises through its channel partners. Valimail is excited to now provide Pax8 customers with our innovative DMARC, BIMI, and email authentication solutions for organizations of all sizes. 

The massive shift to the cloud has exponentially increased the adoption of cloud services, and IT/security departments are struggling to keep up. Organizations are looking to MSPs like Pax8 for deep expertise and support to manage cloud environments, especially in email authentication.

With the rise of remote work and the evolution of the tech industry, the attack surface has expanded exponentially. We’re now seeing email sent from diverse locations, and received by a global audience, creating more risk to phishing and email-based attacks. 

“The need for email authentication (DMARC) has never been more urgent. By teaming with Pax8, we will accelerate bringing our cost-effective, automated solutions to small and midsized companies. Pax8’s expertise coupled with our best-of-breed services enable a massively scaled MSP-optimized approach, protecting our joint clients in unprecedented ways.”

Alexander Garcia-Tobar, Valimail CEO and Co-Founder

With Valimail, MSPs will now be able to maintain continuous DMARC protection without touching DNS. We are the perfect solution for MSPs because our automation eliminates all manual work in the configuration and management of all SPF, DKIM, and DMARC in one single platform. Not only do we make it easy for MSPs to get their customers to set a DMARC policy, but also reach highly accurate, continuous protection of all their managed domains.

“The partnership between Valimail and Pax8 brings together the cutting-edge technology and expertise of Valimail in email authentication and anti-phishing offerings to our partners,” said Sophie Merrifield, CVP of Vendor Operations at Pax8. “By joining forces, Pax8 and Valimail will empower MSPs to strengthen the security of their customers’ email systems, safeguard their brand reputation, secure sensitive information, and enable seamless and secure communications. This collaboration signifies our shared commitment to providing comprehensive and effective cybersecurity solutions to our partners, further reinforcing their ability to proactively protect and serve their clients.”

Valimail is a proven leader in accelerating the MSP journey to DMARC enforcement with patented automated services in use at over 30,000 clients worldwide. We offer MSPs access to real-time threat intelligence and achieve market-leading, accurate, and automated DMARC enforcement within an average of 60 days.

In an industry where only 15% of companies reach DMARC enforcement, Valimail stands out as a trusted partner, helping organizations protect their brand reputation and increase email deliverability. With Valimail’s comprehensive platform, organizations, partners, and customers worldwide have experienced unparalleled success in stopping email and brand abuse, both internally and externally. 

“The Pax8 project is an instantiation of the API-first approach powering our ecosystem strategy. This partnership allows us to leverage the benefits of scale, automation, efficiency and frictionless transactions unlocked by Pax8 marketplace.”

Surja Chatterjea, Director of Technical Alliances at Valimail

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