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Valimail Releases New Journey to DMARC Enforcement Guide

Download your free copy of the Journey to DMARC Enforcement Guide.

Even though Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting, and Conformance (DMARC) is recognized as an essential part of email protection, fewer than 20% of domains have a correct DMARC policy in place.

One of the reasons that this statistic is so low is that it’s challenging to get to DMARC enforcement.

Obstacles of DMARC enforcement

If you’ve tried to set up DMARC policies on your own, then you probably have encountered various obstacles. Or, maybe you’re too overwhelmed and don’t even know where to start your DMARC journey.

As the inventor of DMARC as a service, Valimail has the experience and years of knowledge to guide you on this journey and make the trip as efficient as possible. This eBook is a great place to start whether you’ve already encountered issues or are too intimidated to start your trip.

We’ll cover some of the obstacles you might encounter like:

  • DNS lookup limits
  • Identifying internal and external sending services
  • Manual SPF and DKIM updates
the obstacles to dmarc enforcement

For example, you may not be getting to DMARC enforcement because you can’t identify all of your sending services. Even if you’re a small company, you could have hundreds of sending services, but there is an SPF 10-lookup limit that will hinder you. If you can’t verify all your sending services, you can’t get to DMARC enforcement.

Or you may be trying to get to DMARC enforcement on your own. To do this, you’ll have to continuously manually configure your SPF and DKIM. However, if you do this improperly, you risk blocking all the good emails you need to send. You’ll then have to reverse your DMARC enforcement and start over.

You may encounter even more hurdles, but this journey doesn’t have to be this difficult. 

We know of a shortcut that’ll help you reach your destination. 

Download your free copy today

Our new free guide, The Journey to DMARC Enforcement, will help you navigate the terrain of DMARC enforcement and the challenges that come with it, but if you are still feeling lost, Valimail makes the process so much easier. 

journey to dmarc enforcement guide