Jun 7, 2022

Valimail Wins Again!

The Business Intelligence Group today announced that Valimail has won the 2022 Fortress Cyber Security Awards in the data protection category. The industry awards program sought to identify and reward the world’s leading companies and products that are working to keep our data and electronic assets safe among a growing threat from hackers.

“We are delighted to win the 2022 Fortress Cyber Security Award,” said Seth Blank, Valimail CTO. “At Valimail, our goal is to build trust in all corners of the internet by safeguarding the communications the world depends on. It is an honor to be recognized with this prestigious award.”

About the Awards:

The goal of our program is to highlight, discuss, and reward the creative thinking, engineering, people, and projects that are taking on this growing threat for the benefit of the global community.

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