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Built In Honors Valimail in Its Esteemed 2024 Best Places to Work Awards

The Built In 2024 Awards are out. Valimail is honored to be featured.

Built In announced that Valimail was honored in its 2024 Best Places to Work Awards. Specifically, Valimail earned a place on the Remote and Midsize Best Places to Work. Valimail’s culture intentionally weaves together its employees’ unique perspectives, voices, and strengths to create a high-performance culture.

The Built In annual awards program includes companies of all sizes, from startups to those in the enterprise, and honors both remote-first employers as well as companies in large tech markets across the US.

“We’re thrilled to be honored for the people-first culture and competitive benefits that we offer here at Valimail. We’re so proud to be in the company of the other leaders on this list who prioritize people just like we do.”

Elaine Mak, Chief People and Performance Officer at Valimail

Built In determines the winners of Best Places to Work based on an algorithm using company data about compensation and benefits. To reflect the benefits candidates are searching for more frequently on Built In, the program also weighs criteria like remote and flexible work opportunities, programs for DEI, and other people-first cultural offerings.

“I’d like to extend our heartfelt congratulations to the 2024 Best Places to Work winners. I am truly inspired by these companies that have risen to the challenge of fostering a positive work environment, maintaining a strong brand, and ensuring employee satisfaction. The future is filled with promise, and we are so excited to see what lies ahead.”

Maria Christopoulos Katris