ValiMail is a fast growing, venture funded startup located in San Francisco, California. Our unique Email Authentication as a Service™ offering makes it painless for businesses to deploy DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance), SPF, and DKIM to prevent fraudulent email using their domain names.

With clients including the world’s #1 ridesharing service, #1 SMB payment processor, #1 social learning network, #1 media group, #1 law firm, and #1 website publishing platform, our product has proven market fit and is scaling rapidly.

We are hiring a select few bright, talented, can-do people to authenticate the world’s email. We offer compelling employment opportunities including:

  • Competitive cash compensation
  • Options upside in a hot, pre-IPO company
  • Full benefits
  • A great corporate culture: transparent, self-motivated, intelligent, responsible, and of course, fun
  • The chance to be in on the ground floor at an important technology innovator
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