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Our customers are our partners

Our customers are our partners

We believe that optimizing talent and technology will put an end to phishing as a threat to your business. Valimail is stacked with the brightest technologists building the industry’s leading-edge anti-phishing solutions. We are laser-focused on getting organizations to fully-automated enforcement faster than any other solution in the market. It’s the best technology with the best people behind it.

"I was amazed at the level of automation Valimail provides. It eliminates the need for two FTEs, so my staff can focus on other key priorities."

JJ Agha,
VP of Information Security, WeWork

The Valimail team will execute the success plan we create together, implementing our technology and making sure we’re with you every step of the way.


Achieving enforcement is the first major milestone of our partnership. At this point, your organization benefits from our fully automated technology to protect your employees, customers, and partners from the threat of phishing attacks.

Ongoing success

It doesn’t stop with getting your first – or even all – of your mailing domains to enforcement. We’ll continue working with you to ensure your organization is optimized with Valimail technology and talent to stay ahead of the evolving threats associated with phishing.


Our customers are our partners and your voice is central to our mission and pursuit of bringing trust to the world’s communications. Through advocacy initiatives, let your voice be heard and let’s spread the benefits of fully automated email authentication to stop the threat of phishing once and for all.

Success rates of getting domains to enforcement within a year (with different approaches)

DIY success
Consultative success
Automated success

"Valimail Enforce™ just works — and the support is excellent. That’s all you can ask for."

Dominic Martinelli,
Vice President of Customer and Technical Operations, Glu
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