Technical Support. Valimail provides general technical assistance and support to Authorized Users. Technical assistance includes support via (a) email at and (b) web access.

Initial Intake. Initial outreach into Valimail’s support organization will be logged into Valimail’s case tracking system and assigned a case number.

Service Support:

Support PackageBusiness HoursCommunication
Response Time
by Priority
OnboardingSupport Portal
BasicM-F 6am-6pm PT
Excluding holidays
Support Portal
24 hoursStreamlinedYES
EnhancedM-F 6am-6pm PT
Excluding holidays
Support Portal
Urgent – 1hr
High/Medium – 4hrs
Low – 24hrs

Customer Responsibilities. In order to successfully provide the aforementioned Service Support, Customer is responsible for the following: (i) modifying or delegating the DNS records, or modifying other necessary settings, as outlined in the relevant Documentation, and for also restoring those records or settings to their original state at the end of the Subscription Term; (ii) assign a technical representative with the authority to approve or deny sending services; (iii) address SAML/SSO functionality prior to engaging Service Support, via Documentation or technical support; and (iii) Cooperate with Valimail for the replacement of sending services that cannot be aligned.

Valimail may close support tickets if they are outside the scope of the Support Services or if multiple attempts to contact the Customer with regard to a support ticket have gone unanswered. If a support ticket is closed due to lack of response, Customer may request that it be reopened. If, during the support inquiry process, the support issue either warrants assignment of a higher severity level than currently assigned or no longer warrants the severity level currently assigned to the issue based on its current impact on the operation, then Valimail will upgrade or downgrade the severity level of the issue according to the severity level that most appropriately reflects the issue’s current impact. The support packages apply to Customer, only if Customer is a current paying subscriber of the applicable Support Services.