Valimail Announces Selection by ASG for Anti-Phishing and BEC Protection

Leading Australian IT services company chooses Valimail, the world’s leading DMARC provider, to protect its domains against phishing

SAN FRANCISCO, October 1, 2020 – Valimail, the global leader in zero-trust email security solutions to stop phishing and business email compromise (BEC), announced today that it has been selected by ASG Group as a trusted partner to provide DMARC automation and enforcement services.

ASG Group, Australia’s genuine alternative to the global digital transformation players, considered multiple solutions to solve its email phishing problem.

ASG selected Valimail for the company’s automated approach to DMARC management and industry experience, and for its ability to integrate with and complement Microsoft 365’s built-in security.

Valimail manages more domains at DMARC enforcement than any other vendor, and boasts the highest success rate of getting customers to DMARC enforcement, in far less time than the competition.

A spokesperson from ASG Group said: “We are excited to be partnering with Valimail to further enhance security within the ASG environment, providing extra protection from spoofing and impersonation attacks, and helping to defend our clients from malicious email attacks.

“Security has always been very important for ASG and our clients. We know that an estimated 90 percent of cyberattacks involve email and we are committed to the ongoing integrity of our environment and our clients.”

“ASG is a transformative IT services company and Valimail is proud to partner with it to secure its domains and employees from the growing phishing problem. Valimail’s presence in Australia is already well established, with over 300 companies using our products, and the addition of ASG to our client portfolio further demonstrates Valimail’s global reach and our leadership in the Asia-Pacific region specifically,” said Alexander García-Tobar, the CEO and co-founder of Valimail.

About ASG

For over two decades, ASG Group has provided businesses with innovative, high quality, and cost-effective IT solutions and services. ASG is a genuine alternative to the global digital transformation players in the IT Services industry, through its ability to provide a complete end to end digital transformation service. From business strategy and advisory, to infrastructure and managed services, it’s what we do and how we do it that makes us different. With over 2,000 employees across Australia and Asia, ASG is one of Australia’s leading IT Business Solution Providers.

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