ValiMail is the leading provider of Email Authentication as a Service™. Our cloud solution makes it possible for enterprises large and small to monitor and control who can send email using their domain names. It is a critical component in defeating both phishing aimed at your consumers and spear phishing attacks aimed at your own employees.

Built on the open DMARC standard, ValiMail Pro™ is compatible with all major email receivers and more than 2.7 billion inboxes worldwide. ValiMail is a fast growing, venture funded security SaaS provider located in downtown San Francisco.

As part of our growth strategy, ValiMail is forging partnerships with global companies focused on email, security, DNS, and systems integration.

Domain Registrars and DNS Service Providers

Protect your users, provide a reason for “cousin domain” purchases, and sell a new, natural extension of your DNS services. Learn more.

Email Solution Providers

Reduce onboarding costs, auto-configure SPF/DKIM, improve deliverability through proper authentication, and upsell brand protection services. Learn more.

Security Vendors

Extend your solutions into the red-hot area of email security. Enhance your existing anti-phishing solutions with error-free and automated email authentication configuration and monitoring. Learn more.

Cloud Businesses and Website Platforms

You are providing large numbers of SMBs with an effective and trusted platform. Extend your services to secure their brands, business, and email quickly and cost-effectively. Learn more.