Valimail Instant SPF®

Scalable, fail-safe SPF authentication

Properly configured SPF plays a vital role in authenticating your email, increasing email deliverability, and ensuring compliance. But getting SPF right on your own can be complicated.

Valimail Instant SPF is the only solution that auto-generates perfectly tailored SPF records, in milliseconds, in response to each mail server request. By responding dynamically with an SPF rule set as specified by the sending service itself, Instant SPF bypasses the SPF 10-domain lookup limit and guarantees 100% accuracy for every single email, 24/7, regardless of network changes to services or underlying email service providers.

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Instant SPF Benefits

Makes the 10-domain lookup limit an issue of the past — allows for unlimited sending services

No ongoing manual DNS management needed — saves time and removes risk of configuration errors

Avoids IP flattening, a fragile and management-intensive approach that inherently leaves the door open for outdated and broken SPF

Proven to work flawlessly at scale — authenticates billions of emails weekly with 100% accuracy

Instant SPF in action

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Other vendors

⚠️ Rely on maintaining, monitoring, and parsing lists of IP addresses; less accuracy, longer response times
⚠️ Return large blocks of allowed IPs, potentially allowing other users of that service to also send as your domain; overly permissive
⚠️ Return a static, parameterized SPF record with a flattened list of IPs; requires constant monitoring
⚠️ Brittle fix to the 10 lookup limit; requires manual maintenance without notification; becomes more complex with more services
⚠️ Lag time between updates to IP lists can result in legitimate email failing to authenticate


✅ Auto-generates SPF records in real time as needed; ensures accuracy and improves response times
✅ Leverages EHLO name; ensures only customer-specific IPs from that service are allowed; non permissive
✅ Returns the service’s own SPF rule that is maintained by the service itself; no need to monitor for changes to the service
✅ Dynamic solution to the 10 lookup limit; failsafe SPF authentication at scale with no limit on number of sending services
✅ All services stay authorized 100% of the time

"Valimail solved a big problem for us: The limit of DNS lookups in SPF. … Also, with Valimail we just click one button, add a new third party service, and immediately it will take effect."

Ioannis Koniaris,
Engineering Manager, Security, at Yelp

Single-click, service-level SPF authentication

Instant SPF works in conjunction with Valimail Helios™, which actively maps thousands of third-party sending services. Listing IPs in your SPF records — and maintaining them — becomes a thing of the past.

Simply point your SPF record to Valimail, designate the services you want to authorize by selecting them from a list, and you can be certain that your SPF authentication will work seamlessly.

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