DIY vs Automated DMARC

diy vs automated dmarc

DMARC can be challenging to implement, and it can be even more difficult to maintain continuous enforcement. Despite this fact, we’ve worked with many customers that believed they could handle DMARC in-house, without the use of an automated DMARC software. 

The fact is, DMARC can be done yourself, but it’s not a simple set it and forget it form of email authentication. This eBook dives into what it really takes to get DMARC setup and enforced from a DIY perspective, and compares that to using a software like Valimmail to achieve continuous DMARC enforcement. Within the eBook, you’ll learn more about:

  • SPF and the 10 DNS Lookup Limit
  • Time to DMARC Enforcement
  • Sending Service Identification
  • Alerting

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