Solutions: Shadow IT

Gain visibility across your entire organization

Do you know what services you’re using?

In the cloud era, keeping tabs on IT infrastructure can be surprisingly challenging. Anyone within your company can use a browser and credit card to provision new SaaS services and start using them. Worse, these services may access your customers’ personally identifiable information (PII) and start sending email on your company’s behalf, all without your knowledge.

Automatically discover new services

Valimail helps you gain visibility and oversight into these “shadow IT” cloud services, regardless of where they originate. That’s because Valimail’s unique domain-level recognition capabilities automatically discover and identify cloud services sending email using your domain.

Valimail also enables you to either authenticate these cloud services, giving them the ability to operate on your behalf, or to shut them down.

Seamlessly migrate to the cloud

If you’re migrating to Office 365 or Google G Suite, Valimail will also help you test which cloud services currently in use will be compatible with your new enterprise mail services and which will need to be updated, all before you start the full cloud migration.

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