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Announcing the Newest Evolution of Enforce: Valimail’s Automated DMARC Software

Valimail Enforce is here: the next evolution in our automated DMARC software.

Beginning today, Valimail is proud to announce the launch of Enforce, our newest automated DMARC authentication software evolution. Enforce makes it easier than ever to set your DMARC policy and get continuous DMARC enforcement. 

Enforce has been a best-of-breed DMARC solution for years, but we wanted to make sure that it continues to exceed expectations for our customers. As a result, we listened to user feedback, conducted interviews, and met with key industry partners to evolve Enforce to a masterclass DMARC solution anyone can use. 

Valimail Enforce is now easier than ever to implement, enabling you to fully protect your domains. Depending on their current Valimail software package, some of the new features customers now have access to include:

  • Updated DMARC Configuration – A new, modern user interface streamlines the configuration page, and makes it easy to find and configure domains and subdomains.
  • Precision Sending Service Intelligence – Instant identify up to 100% of the email services sending from your domain.
  • Service Owner Insights – Valimail makes it easy to identify email services that are failing DMARC, and who the most likely internal owner of the service is at your organization. Unlike other RUF reports that can put PII data at risk, Valimail’s reports follow our zero-trust model to help identify sending services, but keep identifiable data safe.
  • Smart Alerts – Easily set up a variety of business-critical alerts so that you’re notified when changes are made to your account, including:
    • DMARC Policy Updates
    • New Email Service Detected
    • Suspicious Sending
    • Record Configuration Change

With Valimail’s updates to Enforce, you can now achieve continuous DMARC enforcement in as little as 60 days, saving you hundreds of thousands of dollars in costs typically spent on employees configuring and managing DMARC manually. 

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Ready to get started? You can start by signing up for free visibility into your domains. No minimum requirements or credit card needed.

Why Use Valimail?

Email continues to be a key channel when it comes to network attacks, making it extremely difficult for organizations without DMARC to stop phishing, spoofing, and business email compromise attacks. By implementing the right DMARC policy, you can stop fraudulent emails from being delivered in the first place, securing your domain and protecting your brand.  

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Valimail makes it easy to secure your domains at scale by automating DMARC for you, so you can get back to business. Valimail Enforce helps you eliminate the risk of impersonation-based fraud by providing:

  • DMARC Automation – Enable continuous enforcement without having to touch the domain name system (DNS). 
  • Unlimited SPF Lookups – Eliminate exact-domain phishing without any risk of business disruption. Valimail’s Instant SPF® is the only solution on the market that solves the 10-domain lookup limit without using flattening or subdomains.
  • Precision Sending Service – One-click authorization for thousands of pre-configured sending services in your ecosystem. Valimail has the largest network of sending services and uses machine learning to build on top of years of data.
  • FedRAMP Authorized DMARC Vendor – The only vendor to achieve the most rigorous SaaS certification in the world. It ensures all U.S. federal data is consistently protected at the highest level in the cloud.
  • Service Owner Insights – Track down the owners of failing sending services so you can rapidly validate services. Get privacy-safe insights on failing emails
  • Enterprise-Grade Compliance – GDPR-ready and SOC2 Type 2 compliant so there’s no risk to customer data when you use us to automate your DMARC deployment and management.

Valimail has been a leader in email authentication since 2015 when we invented and built a patented technology to automate DMARC. Valimail Enforce provides customers with the tools needed to protect their domains from one simple application – without manual SPF and DKIM enforcement.

If you’re interested in protecting your domains and improving your email deliverability, contact sales today to schedule a demo, or visit our Pricing Page to choose the package that’s best for your organization.