Misconceptions and Myths About the Coming Google and Yahoo Changes

image of email with myth vs fact above it

The new Google and Yahoo sender guidelines changes are here, and the email landscape is buzzing with rumors and activity. It’s a breath of fresh air for marketers and senders to focus on improved sending habits, but plenty of myths and misconceptions are floating around, muddling the waters. We’re here to help set the record […]

Beyond the Basics: An Email Requirements Roundtable with Google, Yahoo, and Valimail Recap


I recently sat down with Neil Kumaran, Product Lead at Google, and Marcel Becker, Senior Director, Product Management at Yahoo, to discuss email authentication and the bulk sender requirements both companies have recently implemented. As Google and Yahoo began rolling out changes in February 2024 to make inboxes a safer place for legitimate senders and […]

Do the Google & Yahoo Changes Impact Transactional or Marketing Emails?

marketing and transactional emails

Google and Yahoo are rolling out changes starting in February 2024 to make the inbox a safer place for legitimate senders and recipients. At first glance, it looks like these new sender requirements target bulk senders, but there’s more detail and nuance to it than that. Everyone from seasoned marketers to mom-and-pop shops to casual […]

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