DMARC Email Authentication

DIY vs Automated DMARC: A Head-to-Head Comparison

DMARC is an email authentication policy and protocol that builds on SPF and DKIM protocols. Because DMARC policies are published in the public Domain Name System (DNS), and available to everyone, any interested party sending email is free to implement it. 

As a result, we often get asked a similar question: “Why should I use an automated DMARC service when I can do it myself?” 

The answer to that question is covered in detail in Valimail’s newest eBook: DIY vs Automated DMARC. In nearly every situation, doing DMARC yourself is going to be more difficult and take more time and resources than using a DMARC-as-a-service platform like Valimail:

diy to automated dmarc infographic
When compared against each other, a DIY DMARC solution is a lot more costly and challenging than an automated DMARC solution like Valimail.

The bottom line is that implementing and maintaining continuous DMARC enforcement is much more challenging than you may initially think. In addition to requiring significant time and effort on your team’s part, You’ll have to answer a handful of questions for yourself:

  • What is my confidence level that we have the time, capacity, expertise, and patience to build and manage DMARC in-house?
  • Can we guarantee to our leadership that our DIY approach will be future-proof in protecting our company’s email communications?
  • Is the risk of domains not being adequately protected, or legitimate email not being delivered due to operator error acceptable, or would choosing an automated approach that eliminates this possibility be a better choice?

For nearly all organizations, the risk vs reward of DIY DMARC just isn’t there. DMARC is challenging, and Valimail is here to help you achieve and maintain continuous enforcement as quickly and easily as possible. 
Download your copy of DIY vs Automated DMARC today. If you’re ready to see what email is being sent from your domain (including suspected fraudulent messages) for free, simply sign up for Monitor.