Get More Visibility: Valimail Monitor Releases Alert Functionality

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Valimail, the customer-centric DMARC platform trusted by over 30,000 brands, offers the industry’s only free DMARC visibility product, Valimail Monitor.

But did you know that you can supercharge your monitoring with Configurable and Smart Alerts? These alerts are your guardians, ensuring your email security is never compromised.

Configurable Alerts1

Why enable configurable alerts?

Configurable Alerts put you in control by allowing you to set up custom notifications for specific events. Here’s what you get:

  • Known Sender DMARC Rate Changed: Get notified when an enabled sender on a specified domain reaches a specific DMARC pass rate threshold.
  • New Services Detected: Receive an alert when a new email-sending service is detected using a domain from your account.
  • Suspicious Sending: Be alerted when a particular amount of unidentified sender emails are sent on a selected domain.

Enabling Configurable Alerts offers several key benefits:

  • Stay ahead of security threats. By receiving alerts for suspicious activity, you can swiftly identify and respond to security threats, protecting your reputation and customer data.
  • Improve your DMARC compliance. With alerts for DMARC pass rate thresholds, you can ensure your domains remain DMARC compliant at all times.
  • Reduce your workload. Alerts for important events help you avoid manual email traffic monitoring, freeing up your time for other critical tasks.

Smart alerts for smart users

But that’s not all. Valimail Monitor also offers Smart Alerts, which are automatically sent when you make modifications to your account. These alerts keep you informed about changes that matter:

  • MFA Personal Level Updates: Receive an alert when changes are detected in the MFA settings for your personal account.
  • MFA Account Level Updates: Get an alert when changes are detected in the MFA settings for your account.
  • SSO Updates: Be alerted when changes are detected in the SSO settings for your account.
  • Domain Added: Receive an alert when a new domain is added to your account.
  • Domain Deleted: Get an alert when a domain is deleted from your account.
New Features

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Valimail Monitor provides an easy-to-configure, user-friendly visual dashboard. It transforms raw DMARC reports into human-readable lists of email-sending services and offers status readouts on each service. Visual maps depict the origin of legitimate and suspicious email traffic worldwide. Configurable and Smart alerts are a powerful tool for staying on top of your email traffic activity and improving your email security.

Best of all, Valimail Monitor is completely free for all sizes of organizations. That’s right – free DMARC monitoring with no strings attached.

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