Lattice People Success Awards Finalist: Julie Pridham, VP of People Operations

Lattice People Success Awards named Julie Pridham as one of four finalists to win the ROI Innovator Award.
Valimail leader Julie Pridham announced as award finalist

We pride ourselves in the People First culture we have built and our employees tell us that this is the reason they choose to be here and stay here. What makes our culture a concrete reality is that we don’t just stop at a motto: we have the business policy, process, and structure in place to ensure that people do, indeed, come first. One of the key architects behind this work is Julie Pridham, VP of People Operations

Julie’s work has ensured that all employees are recognized, developed, and supported to grow together with the business. This continues to be a monumental undertaking for a business that is in flight. Her leadership exemplifies the collaborative excellence that is required to balance structure, agility and a keen eye for business outcomes. This has allowed us to create an environment that is in line with our values and one that delivers the performance we need to continue our company’s growth. 

It is therefore no surprise that Lattice People Success Awards named Julie as one of four finalists to win the ROI Innovator Award. This award category recognizes an HR leader who has leveraged their expertise and Lattice solutions to deliver measurable ROI and drive strategic impact for their organization. 

Over a span of less than two years, Julie’s efforts resulted in a Glassdoor rating jump from 2.8 to 4.5 and a 63-point increase in eNPS from -7 in FY22 to +56 in FY24. Furthermore, the bi-annual performance evaluation instilled employee confidence in their career outlooks which resulted in an 11% decrease in employee attrition. The improvement in employee experience additionally contributed to our employee referrals which increased from 5 in FY22 to 21 referrals in early FY23 and again to 29 referrals in late FY23, speeding the company’s average time to hire and decreasing recruiting costs. Last but not least, Julie’s leadership in workforce design to proactively align our talent to business needs and resources is instrumental in steering the business to achieve targets in any economic environment.

Performance measures like these provide a strong people-based foundation for our company’s continued growth in spite of economic headwinds.

Congratulations to Julie for this well deserved honor! 
Lattice will be announcing all winners at their Resources for Humans Virtual Conference on September 19, 2023. Big congratulations to fellow honorees!

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