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Unlock the Power of DMARC with Valimail’s Precision Sender Intelligence

Don’t let confusing DNS records and IP addresses slow you down. Identifying and authorizing email senders is now a breeze, making it easier than ever to simplify your email security. Discover how Valimail can streamline your email authorization process today.

Business email compromise (BEC) attacks continue to be a serious threat to businesses, with adjusted losses of nearly $2.4 billion reported in 2021, according to The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

But with 3.4 billion spam emails sent daily, how can businesses identify bad actors and prevent email fraud and phishing attacks?

The challenge of interpreting DMARC reports

DMARC  is now a widely adopted email authentication protocol that helps prevent email fraud and phishing attacks by enabling domain owners to specify which email services are authorized to send emails on their behalf. However, interpreting the raw IP data in DMARC reports can be challenging and time-consuming, especially for businesses with large volumes of email traffic.

Valimail Enforce goes above and beyond to provide businesses with complete and transparent visibility. Its key feature, Precision Sender Intelligence, takes the guesswork out of the task of identifying services.

Rather than having you stare at a screen full of IP addresses and incomprehensible DNS PTR records and try to figure out which sources are authorized, we rely on a database of known IP ranges and naming patterns to present these sources to you as names you’ll recognize, making it much easier for you to claim the sources as legitimate and make sure they’re included in your domain’s SPF records.

Recognizable names, not IP addresses

Most DMARC vendors that rely on IP addresses can only identify this top 2% of existing cloud services out of the box, which can result in email from mission-critical services occasionally getting blocked if they are not included in the DMARC policy. 

sending services

Valimail’s Precision Sender Intelligence streamlines and automates the process of identifying and authorizing new email services. This feature includes:

  • Patented technology that uses a vast database of known IP ranges and naming patterns
  • Instant identification of new email services and presentation as recognizable names
  • Simplification of the authorization process of adding new services
  • Confidence for businesses to expand their email services
  • No compromise of email security during the expansion of email services

We understand that adding new email services can be daunting for businesses due to concerns about potential breakage. However, with Valimail’s ability to identify up to 100% of all email senders, including low-volume systems that might still be important, domain owners can be confident that legitimate emails won’t be blocked when enforcing DMARC policies. This ensures complete protection against email fraud and phishing attacks.

Complete and transparent visibility for all

One of the most significant benefits of Enforce is that this feature is available for all packages, including the free tier. Valimail believes in providing complete and transparent visibility for free, so every business can afford the chance to experience the power of DMARC. This makes it accessible to all businesses, regardless of size or budget.

By eliminating the challenges of DMARC interpretation, providing complete visibility, and being accessible to all businesses, Valimail Enforce is the best way to safeguard your email ecosystem.

Enforce simplifies DMARC interpretation

Protecting your brand reputation and preventing email fraud and phishing attacks are essential for any business that relies on email communication. While publishing a DMARC policy is an important first step, it’s also crucial to do DMARC validation and policy enforcement on inbound mail to fully take advantage of the protections that DMARC offers against BEC. 

Valimail Enforce helps businesses publish and maintain a DMARC policy record, businesses can have greater confidence in their email security and protect themselves from staggering losses associated with BEC attacks.

Join us today and experience complete and transparent visibility in protecting your organization from email fraud and phishing attacks, all with our patented technology – even with our free tier. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Sign up now and secure your business today!