Valimail and the State of DMARC in Japan

Alexander Garcia-Tobar, Valimail CEO, spoke with TechBlitz about Valimail, DMARC, and the importance of DMARC in Japan.
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Email fraud and spoofing is a global problem. That’s why Valimail hopes to enter the Japanese market to spread DMARC and stop the threat. 

The FBI reported that BEC is a $50 billion scam affecting almost every country, and Japan is no different. 

Valimail CEO Alexander Garcia-Tobar spoke with Japanese company TechBlitz for an interview on DMARC and how it can help offer domain protection. He also touched on the history and future of Valimail, as well as when we plan to enter the Japanese market.

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Check out some of the highlights from the interview below: 

What is Valimail?

In the interview with TechBlitz, Garcia-Tobar recounts the history of Valimail, which began in 2015. The company got its name from the combination of “Valid email.” From the very start of email, Garcia-Tobar was convinced that email addresses would need to be automatically verified to ensure they were valid.

Now, in 2023, Valimail has more than 30,000 customers, spanning a wide range of industries and company sizes, including small to enterprise-level organizations. 

Our long-term goal is for Valimail to become a standard company in this industry, like ‘Visa’ and ‘JCB.’ Currently, there are said to be 140 million email-sending domains in the world, but only 5 million of them use DMARC. Furthermore, among them, only a few domains allow automatic authentication, and it is said that 60% set up DMARC on their own. We have a long way to go to reach 140 million, but we want to be the world leader in automated email verification.

Alexander Garcia-Tobar

In the future, Garcia-Tobar envisions the company expanding overseas and growing Valimail’s presence in the global market. Garcia-Tobar also hopes that Valimail will enter the automatic authentication of IoT devices. 

“In the future, where the “Internet of things” will accelerate further, we will have to build automatic authentication mechanisms for vehicles, pacemakers, nuclear power plants, and so on. We are proud that we have a major role to play in preventing catastrophic damage.” – Alexander Garcia-Tobar

What is DMARC?

89% of phishing emails come from a spoofed email. Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting, and Conformance (DMARC) can stop that. DMARC is an open standard sender domain authentication specification that prevents spoofed emails from being delivered. 

DMARC allows you to set your policy and decide whether you want to reject or quarantine email. Doing this can stop the fraudulent message before it even reaches the receiver’s inbox. This means that people will no longer have to wonder whether or not an email is actually from who the email claims to be from. 

“The advantage of DMARC is that in addition to being able to ‘automatically authenticate sender information,’ it is also possible to ‘analyze the accumulated data and build a stronger security system.’” – Alexander Garcia-Tobar

Valimail is the market leader in this standard. In fact, we have fifteen related patents and are 100% focused on this technology. 

Is DMARC available in Japan?

We know that email vulnerabilities are a global issue and that the Japanese people may be even more susceptible. Japanese society operates on the principle of good nature and puts a lot of trust in others. However, attackers can take advantage of this cultural distinction to launch spoofed email attacks

While Valimail may not be in the Japanese market at this moment, but it’s highly likely our products will be available to the market by the end of 2023. While we do have global business at the moment, we’re also waiting for government support to start introducing DMARC

“Regarding the business areas in which Valimail is developing, I think the Japanese market is very promising. This is because Japanese people, both in the public and private sectors, use email extensively, making them targets of phishing scams from certain countries,” said Alexander Garcia-Tobar to TechBlitz.


DMARC can be a beneficial tool in making inboxes around the globe safer for everyone involved. You can read the full interview on TechBlitz here.  

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