Peter Goldstein Appointed M3AAWG Technical Committee Co-Chair

Valimail co-founder to leverage years of email authentication expertise to help drive technical committee work fighting abuse and fostering adoption of best practices

San Francisco, California (July 5, 2017) – Valimail, the leader in automated email authentication, today announced Valimail CTO and co-founder Peter Goldstein has been appointed as a M3AAWG Technical Committee Co-Chair.

“Valimail’s mission is to help build and increase trust in the digital world. We have been an active participant in M3AAWG since we founded the company because we believe in the organization’s mission of fighting abuse online,” said Peter Goldstein, CTO and co-founder of email authentication firm Valimail. “The best way to fight abuse, and to protect consumers and businesses from spam and phish is for the digital messaging industry to coordinate its efforts, and M3AAWG provides a forum for that coordination. I am honored to work with other M3AAWG members to protect the wider messaging ecosystem from abuse.”

As Technical Committee Co-Chair, Goldstein will provide oversight and direction on the M3AAWG best practices developed by the committee, and will oversee the technical work of its Messaging, Malware and Mobile area committees that work under the Technical Committee. He will also help coordinate the efforts of M3AAWG Technical Committee members that range from technologists to anti-spammers. He will help ensure that the thrice-yearly meetings reflect the work of this diverse and dedicated group, and help carry forward the M3AAWG mission of curbing global messaging abuse.

“We appreciate Valimail’s participation and look forward to Peter’s valuable contribution as a Technical Committee Co-Chair,” said M3AAWG Executive Director Jerry Upton. “It is the committees that drive our important work, and the committee chairs play a crucial role in directing this activity. We are pleased to have Peter join us.”

The Messaging, Malware and Mobile Anti-Abuse Working Group ( is where the industry comes together to work against botnets, malware, spam, viruses, denial-of-service attacks and other online exploitation. M3AAWG leverages the depth and experience of its global community to tackle abuse on existing networks and new emerging threats through technology, collaboration and public policy. It also works to educate global policy makers on the technical and operational issues related to online abuse and messaging.

Valimail invented the world’s first automated email authentication platform, now authenticating billions of emails per month. Valimail gives enterprises, including some of the world’s leading brands, complete visibility, control, and compliance for all of the email being sent using their domain names, by their own systems or third-party cloud services. This enables organizations to stop impersonation attacks and mitigate shadow email sent using their domain and brand identity to anyone, including employees, customers and partners. This defeats phishing attacks and protects brands against abuse committed using their email identity.

Email authentication is a foundational element in controlling how a company’s identity is used online and protecting it from misuse. Problems stemming from unauthenticated email include “shadow IT” services inside the enterprise, brand damage from phishing, and the advanced phishing attacks responsible for the vast majority of today’s major security breaches.

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