Sendgrid DMARC Partner: Automated Email Authentication from Valimail


SAN FRANCISCO — Valimail, the world’s only provider of fully automated email authentication, announced today the availability of its email authentication solution on the SendGrid Partner Marketplace. Valimail’s solution provides customers with ironclad email fraud prevention, blocks the most pernicious phishing attacks, builds customer trust and increases email deliverability.

Email authentication through DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting, and Conformance) is winning global support, in part because of its ability to increase the deliverability of legitimate email messages. More than 76 percent of mailboxes worldwide check and enforce DMARC policies for inbound email, providing a range of benefits to companies that implement DMARC for their domains:

  • Implementing DMARC with a policy of enforcement, which rejects or quarantines messages that fail authentication, improves email campaign deliverability rates.
  • DMARC at enforcement protects companies’ brands by preventing phishers from impersonating them with emails using the companies’ domain names.
  • DMARC provides companies with detailed information on exactly which services are sending email on their behalf — whether authorized or unauthorized.

The Valimail email authentication service is immediately available through SendGrid’s Partner Marketplace to more than 58,000 SendGrid customers, enabling them to authenticate their emails. With Valimail, every time someone receives an email from a company, they can be certain it really was authorized by that company, and isn’t a phishing attempt.

“The importance of email authentication can’t be overstated—it takes the open standard that is email and adds layers of trust and accountability to a highly coveted and complex communication ecosystem,” said Scott Heimes, CMO, SendGrid. “The availability of Valimail on the SendGrid Partner Marketplace enables customers to not only protect their brand, but in turn prevents abuse to those who matter most: our customers’ end users.”

In addition to deliverability benefits, email authentication with DMARC at enforcement protects companies against the most common and pernicious cyber attack vector: Fraudulent email. It is also the most difficult to filter or block. Over 90 percent of cyber attacks begin with a phish (see IronScales 2017 Email Security ReportVerizon 2017 Data Breach Investigations Report, and PhishMe research, among others), and the majority of phish impersonate a known sender, attempting to benefit from the trust its brand implies. Email authentication closes off this attack vector, forcing phishers to use more obvious and easily detected methods.

“The number of domains actively using DMARC records has tripled in the past 12 months,” said Valimail CMO Mandeep Khera. “Growth has been propelled by the clear value DMARC provides, as well as the FTC’s recent recommendation that businesses use DMARC, and by the DHS mandate that federal agencies deploy DMARC in 2018. For businesses, DMARC at enforcement is rapidly becoming de rigeur and a component of basic Internet security, like HTTPS and firewalls. The sooner we achieve a critical mass of email authentication, the sooner we’ll be able to shut down phishers and fraudsters for good.”

To find out more about Valimail for SendGrid, visit:

About Valimail

Valimail provides the first and only truly automated email authentication solution for brand protection and anti-fraud defense. Valimail’s patented, standards-compliant technology provides an unrivaled one-click solution for DMARC enforcement to stop phishing attacks, increase deliverability, and protect organizations’ reputations. For more information visit

About SendGrid:

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