Valimail Awarded 2023 TMCnet Zero Trust Security Excellence Award

Email Authentication Provider Lauded for Pioneering Zero Trust Email Security via Proactive Sender Identity Validation

SAN FRANCISCO, CA / March 1, 2024 / Valimail, the leading provider of email authentication and anti-impersonation solutions, announced today that TMC, a global, integrated media company, has named Valimail as a 2023 TMCnet Zero Trust Security Excellence winner. The TMCnet award recognizes the leaders and pioneers in the industry with the best and the brightest providers, offering the most innovative, effective solutions.

“It gives me great pleasure to honor the recipients of the TMCnet Zero Trust Security Excellence Award,” said Rich Tehrani, CEO, TMC. “The award recognizes solutions providers championing the ‘trust nothing, verify everything’ mantra of a Zero Trust approach to security at a time when businesses are facing more complex and frequent threats than ever. The TMCnet Team is thoroughly impressed and congratulates the recipients.”

“At Valimail, we have championed the zero trust approach to email since our inception,” said Alexander García-Tobar, CEO and Co-Founder, Valimail. “We recognized that since we know who is authorized to send as our client, only allow them through. This Zero Trust approach is effective, efficient, and highly accurate. Our approach complements our clients’ secure email gateways (SEGs) with a market-leading multilayered security approach.”

Valimail offers a unique, market-leading solution that provides email authentication through a Zero Trust approach to sender identity. Built on open standards like DMARC, DKIM, SPF, and BIMI, as well as proprietary, patented technology, Valimail validates every message in real-time, with powerful automation, to ensure every message originates from a known, trusted sender. By having the right DMARC policy in place, users ensure mail will be delivered correctly and that any imposters will be rejected (or quarantined at the very least). Ultimately, this means users no longer have to worry about the infinite number of ways a bad actor can attempt to spoof domains.

García-Tobar added, “We are honored to have been awarded a TMCnet Zero Trust Security Excellence Award and believe this recognition underscores Valimail’s unique differentiators, such as our patented technologies, thought leadership, and highest enforcement rates in the market.”

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About Valimail

Valimail, the global leader in zero trust email authentication, invented hosted DMARC in 2015 and DMARC-as-a-service in 2021. The company’s full line of cloud-native solutions authenticates sender identity to stop phishing, protect brands, and ensure compliance. From neighborhood shops to some of the world’s largest brands, many organizations use these solutions to secure their emails. Valimail holds the most robust portfolio of patents that unlock DMARC for businesses at scale and is the only DMARC solution to earn FedRAMP certification. Valimail employees Chair and co-Chair many critical ecosystem bodies, such as the IETF DMARC Working Group, and the AuthIndcators Working Group developing BIMI. The premier DMARC partner for Microsoft 365 environments, Valimail also holds leadership positions on every key industry standards body, driving today’s email authentication policies and tomorrow’s cybersecurity advancements for everyone. For more information, please visit


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