Valimail Expands Its Award-Winning Anti-impersonation Suite With Valimail Defend™

Now Available: The World’s First Authoritative Solution for Stopping BEC, Email Fraud, And The Most Damaging Types Of Phishing

SAN FRANCISCO, February 26, 2019 — Valimail, the world’s leading provider of anti-impersonation technologies to stop fake email, today announced the general availability of its third email protection product, Valimail Defend, the world’s first authoritative solution to block BEC, email fraud, and the most insidious types of phishing.

Valimail Defend expands the protection that Valimail already provides for customers’ own domains through Valimail Enforce, the world’s first and only fully automated anti-spoofing solution; and Valimail Brand Trust, the only product that leverages both BIMI and Microsoft Business Profiles to offer companies a customizable digital watermark for confirming that their emails are authentic.

“Valimail Defend allows only those emails that are sent from trusted domains into an organization’s inboxes, while all other email is blocked — period,” said Valimail CEO and co-founder Alexander García-Tobar. “Valimail was founded to bring trust to email in a simple, automated, and reliable way. As such, Defend is a logical addition to our current suite, which started by providing the ability to trust your own emails and domains, and now allows you to trust any email in your inbox.”

Valimail Defend is an extension of Valimail’s Trust Layer™ — a key part of a layered email defense strategy. The Trust Layer™ complements secure email gateways (which typically utilize AI/ML technologies) by employing a unique, authoritative approach that allows customers to easily define and automatically enforce policies for handling fake emails.

By allowing only trusted domains into the inbox, Defend stops untrusted-domain attacks, including “lookalike-domain” or “cousin-domain” attacks, with certainty — and no false positives. Defend can be implemented within minutes while requiring no AI/ML training period, no large data sets, minimal configuration time, and zero impact to email deliverability and privacy.

“With the surge in business email compromise and other email spoofing attacks, Valimail Defend provides peace of mind that untrusted domains won’t get to the inbox,” said Justinian Fortenberry, CISO at Grubhub.

Business email compromise (BEC) has exploded in recent years, with a 500 percent increase in attacks during 2018, while 60 percent of all companies have experienced spoofed email attacks in the past year, according to Proofpoint. Additionally, the FBI attributes $12.5 billion in losses to BEC over the past five years.

Valimail Defend is based on Valimail’s Trusted Domain Clearinghouse, a core component of the Valimail IDEA platform. The Valimail TDC is is a managed, cloud-based, continuously updated global database comprising tens of millions of trusted domains, with a dynamic workflow for rapidly vetting unknown domains, so enterprises do not need to worry about managing whitelists or creating complicated rulesets.

In addition to blocking email from untrusted sending domains, Valimail Defend provides detailed visibility into who’s sending email into your ecosystem. Defend also provides granular control over how to handle email messages from untrusted domains: They can be delivered normally, quarantined to a spam folder or designated other folder, or deleted entirely, on a mailbox or group level.

Valimail Defend does not extract, store, or process any personally identifiable information (PII), including the contents of customer email messages.

Valimail Defend has been in production use with beta customers since mid-2018, and is available immediately.

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