Valimail Identity Summit Tackles Growing Crisis of Impersonation in Phishing Emails

Billions lost to business email compromise (BEC), thanks to “identity crisis” in email — Former Federal CIO headlines exclusive event

YOUNTVILLE, CALIFORNIA, October 3, 2019 — Valimail, the leader in sender identity solutions for securing email, is hosting its second annual Identity Summit in Napa, California this week, with featured speaker Tony Scott, the third Federal CIO and former CIO for VMware, Microsoft, and Disney. The invitation-only Summit will tackle urgent questions in cybersecurity, including the explosive growth in business email compromise (BEC), the ubiquitous use of impersonation in the majority of phishing attacks, and what enterprises can do to prevent these attacks from growing into catastrophic breaches.

An intimate event hosted at the Hotel Yountville, the Identity Summit brings together leading experts in cybersecurity, internet standards, and digital compliance for two and a half days of intense discussion, education, networking, and planning.

“It is a well-established fact that phishing plays a role in over 90% of cybersecurity incidents,” said Scott. “Too many CIOs regard this as an unavoidable fact of life on the internet, resigning themselves to training users not to click on links in suspicious messages and hoping for the best — when in fact there are proven technical solutions. It’s my hope that this gathering can help propagate knowledge about how to stop phishing and lead to a future where email can be truly trusted.”

“With more than 80% of phishing attacks based on impersonation, it’s clear that email is facing an identity crisis,” said Valimail CEO and co-founder Alexander García-Tobar. “This vulnerability to impersonation is exactly what’s produced the current storm of impersonation-based attacks, such as BEC, which has cost companies billions of dollars in the past three years. We are proud to host an event dedicated to bringing more robust sender identity solutions into the defensive strategies of the world’s enterprises.”

Valimail’s Identity Summit includes participation from top infrastructure, operations, and security executives at Fortune 500 and other leading enterprises.

San Francisco-based Valimail has played a leadership role in the email industry, helping pioneer and improve open, standards-based solutions for validating and authenticating identity in email. The company plays a key role in numerous industry groups and standards bodies, including the IETF’s DMARC 2.0 working group, the working group creating Brand Indicators for Message Identification (BIMI), and M3AAWG, a leading industry group fighting phishing and spam in email.

Valimail’s award-winning products improve security and brand trust for customers by stopping spoofing and blocking phish. The Valimail Trust Layer is an identity-driven, authoritative, cloud-based platform for definitively stopping inbound and outbound phishing and BEC attacks. Featuring patented technology combined with the largest clearinghouse of trusted mailing domains in the industry, the Valimail Trust Layer delivers real-time email authentication and authorization to stop phishing, protect and amplify brands, provide unmatched visibility — and do it all at scale, with minimal staff overhead.

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