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Meet the new email sender requirements

Google and Yahoo announced new requirements for all bulk email senders that send more than 5,000 emails per day. Senders who fail to meet new requirements will start experiencing email disruptions for their non-compliant mail in 2024.

Valimail Align helps Mailchimp users confidently meet these requirements in days, not months with:

Step-by-step instructions to troubleshoot compliance issues

Guided workflows to authorize all your senders with a single click

Rapid assessment of all sending services to ensure good mail isn’t blocked

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Ensure your mail continues to be delivered

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Meet Your Google Requirements Navigator

Navigating the upcoming Gmail and Yahoo requirements can be complicated. Our trusted DMARC experts have outlined how you should proactively prepare, address requirements, and make the right investment to ensure the secure delivery of your emails.

Seize your opportunity to meet requirements on time