Valimail dominates G2 DMARC rankings for the 8th consecutive quarter

Valimail has dominated the G2 DMARC reports, and in Summer 2024, it's the 8th consecutive quarter we're number #1. Learn why in our latest blog.
G2 Summer 2024 Results

G2’s recently released Sumer 2024 report identified Valimail as the dominating DMARC leader for the 8th consecutive quarter thanks to our comprehensive DMARC solutions.

Learn more about how Valimail continues to disrupt the DMARC industry, according to G2’s recent report.

Highlights of Valimail’s leadership

Valimail appeared on 77 reports and earned 18 unique badges. Among these rankings, we’ve had some exciting results as a testament to our solutions and leadership:

  • Ranked #1 in Grid® Report for DMARC for 8 consecutive quarters
  • Ranked #1 in Small-Business Grid Report for DMARC
  • Ranked #1 in EMEA Regional Grid Report for DMARC 
  • Ranked #1 in Asia Pacific Regional Grid Report for DMARC
  • Ranked #2 in Enterprise Grid Report for Email Verification
  • Ranked #2 in Small-Business Usability Index for DMARC 
  • Ranked #2 in Small-Business Implementation Index for DMARC 
  • Ranked #2 in Small-Business Results Index for DMARC

Valimail awards and badges

Our recognition for continuously being a leader in the DMARC space demonstrates our commitment to providing high-quality DMARC services. Thanks to this commitment, we’ve received these G2 badges:

Learn more about our G2 results with our recent ratings, Grid wins, and customer feedback. 

Insights from customer feedback

Out of 278 reviews, we’ve maintained our 4.5/5 stars status. These reviews reflect our commitment to providing excellent software and customer service. 

Here are a few of the reviews we’ve received this last quarter: 

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Simplified DMARC: “I enjoy using Valimail’s DMARC service, which offers robust email authentication solutions for businesses. Their platform simplifies the implementation of DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting, and Conformance), enhancing email security and protecting against phishing attacks. With Valimail, users can easily monitor and analyze email traffic, identify unauthorized senders, and enforce email authentication policies effectively. Overall, Valimail DMARC service is a valuable tool for organizations looking to strengthen their email security posture.” – Jacklin P.

Excellent customer support: “Valimail support was incredible during implementation and the course of our subscription with them. They walked me through every step in setting up our DNS and M365. It took a while to get to the “Reject” stage of non-legit emails (it’s to be expected if you want to capture everything you can), but even at the “Quarantine” stage, Valimail was blocking over 90% of all emails coming into our mail server, and they were all spam or malicious emails. We rarely received any spam after that! Truly a must-have for every business using email…5 stars across the board!” – Verified User in Hospital & Health Care

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Ease of Use: “I like how easy they make it to view all of my domain reports and statistics in one simple spot. It tells me what senders are failing and for what reason which makes it much easier to fix any issues. It was extremely easy to set up and get working, especially if you already have SPF and DKIM in place. Customer support has helped with any questions and is pretty quick.” – John D

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