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Stopping Ransomware Starts with Your Inbox

One of the country's most-listened-to public radio stations profiles ValiMail as just one of a handful of companies that provide email authentication services to businesses, and examines how email authentication could have stopped the global WannaCry ransomware attack.

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DocuSign Hacked, Docusign.com Still Threatened

ValiMail CEO Alexander García-Tobar is interviewed about the recent DocuSign data breach resulting in the theft of 100 million customer emails, and how email authentication could have thwarted the resulting phishing campaign that leveraged the stolen credentials.

- CSO Online

CSO Online

Ransomware Makes Healthcare Wannacry

ValiMail CEO Alexander García-Tobar is interviewed about the implications of the global WannaCry ransomware attack on health care organizations, explaining that the sector is particularly vulnerable to these attacks because awareness about email authentication is still quite low in the healthcare industry.

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How CIOs Can Fight the Rise in Shadow Email

In his inaugural column for CIO.com, ValiMail CEO Alexander García-Tobar explores the growing issue of 'Shadow Email,’ when a substantial percentage of cloud services may be sending email on a company’s behalf, and offers advice to CIOs looking to gain control over the problem.

- CSO Online

CSO Online

Cybersecurity Industry Braces for Tighter Visa Rules

ValiMail CEO Alexander García-Tobar is interviewed about the cybersecurity community’s response to President Trump’s new executive order that could restrict H-1B visas to only the most-skilled and highest-paid applicants.

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How to Protect Your Company Against Tax Season Scammers

Just in time for the close of tax season, ValiMail CEO Alexander García-Tobar takes stock of just how common--and dangerous--tax-related scams have become, and offers tips to avoid falling for the most common and pernicious of seasonal attack vectors — the W-2 scam.

- Future of Everything

Future of Everything

Ask the Thought Leaders: What's the Future of Cybersecurity?

ValiMail Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer Peter Goldstein is interviewed about his vision for the future of cybersecurity, noting it will likely involve an increasing shift away from stronger perimeters and better intrusion detection, to shared notions of identity and reputation rooted in globally accessible systems like DNS.

- Dark Reading

Dark Reading

FTC Report Highlights Low DMARC Adoption

ValiMail CEO Alexander García-Tobar is quoted extensively in a Dark Reading article about a new Federal Trade Commission report that shows most organizations aren't fully utilizing the latest technology available to combat phishing, which is contributing to a growing distrust in email.

- SC Magazine

SC Magazine

Closing email’s 40-year trust gap

ValiMail CEO Alexander García-Tobar offers a brief history of email and it’s inherent weaknesses, and how the recent rise in email authentication adoption is successfully addressing those flaws.

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Even Cyber Security Leaders Struggle with Email Safety

In a dispatch from RSA, ValiMail CEO Alexander García-Tobar reveals new data that shows only one of RSA's 62 sponsors had a correctly configured DMARC record that's set to enforcement, and urges the industry to do better on email authentication.

- CSO Online

CSO Online

Salted Hash: RSAC 2017 Recap

ValiMail's research surrounding the domains of RSA's top sponsors is featured in security journalist Steve Ragan's popular "Salted Hash" column in CSO.

- CIO Dive

CIO Dive

7 Cybersecurity Trends for 2017

ValiMail CEO Alexander García-Tobar explains why DMARC and email authentication are among the top trends on CIO radars for cybersecurity in 2017.

- CSO Online

CSO Online

Only 6% of businesses use DMARC email authentication

In a study of 1 million corporate domains, only 60,000 had made any attempt at DMARC email authentication, and of those, only a quarter actually had enforcement mechanisms in place, according to a new report from ValiMail.

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On Walmart, Russians and Layered Security

Recent news about Walmart customers getting phished for their password information and Russian hackers breaking into the email servers of American politicians has a lot of companies worried about how to avoid an e-mail-based hack. Here's a few tips.

- Krebs on Security

Krebs on Security

Trump, DNC, RNC Flunk Email Security Test

In the wake of highly publicized hacks of Democratic political bodies, Brian Krebs exposes that the DNC, RNC, and Trump campaign all fail to protect their email from spoofing.