Valimail Expands Customer Base, Adds DMARC Patents, Recognized as Market Leader in DMARC Software

Valimail closed its 2023 fiscal year with a number of achievements and expansion of customer base.

SAN FRANCISCO, March 7, 2023 — Valimail, the world’s only provider of fully automated email authentication, announced today that it closed its 2023 fiscal year having increased its customer base by 50%, added 4 additional DMARC-as-a-Service patents, and has been recognized by G2 as a Market Leader for DMARC software and a Top 50 Security Software product.  

Impersonation continues to be the largest driver of phishing attacks, with 89% of reported attacks coming from individuals or organizations claiming to be who they are not. Valimail’s DMARC-as-a-Service did more than any software to help address the problem of missing or incomplete sender identification by securely authenticating billions of emails from the world’s leading brands like Uber, Mercedes Benz, and Fannie Mae.  

“As we launch into a new year, we want to take time to thank our clients, partners, investors and our team for the incredible progress over the past year here at Valimail. We’ve made huge strides forward as the global leader in zero-trust, identity-based anti-phishing solutions,” said Valimail CEO and co-founder Alexander García-Tobar. 

Over 2022, Valimail has seen tremendous growth, innovation, and industry recognition, including:

  • Expanded overall customer base by 50% to over 27,000 organizations globally trusting Valimail for to solve their email authentication challenges
  • Gold at 2022 Cyber Security Global Excellence Awards
  • Winner of 2022 Global InfoSec Award
  • 98%+ customer satisfaction, as reported by Valimail users
  • Increased global headcount by over 35% to support the increased demand for Valimail’s email authentication solutions
  • Hired key strategic leadership positions with security and SaaS veterans including:
    • Mary Lawler, VP of Marketing
    • Deshawn Dickens, VP of Global Revenue
    • Surja Chatterjea, Director of Business Development
    • Kevin Dunne, COO
  • Added new customer relationships with hundreds of the world’s leading enterprises including global consumer product producers, healthcare companies, automakers, financial products, media companies, and higher education institutions  
  • Launched a new partnership with Abnormal Security to provide a best of breed, comprehensive email security suite for Microsoft and Google customers

As business email compromise continues to evolve and stress the need for email authentication, Valimail forged ahead by making improvements to it’s patented DMARC software, achieving multiple milestones: 

  • Awarded four new patents in 2022, bringing our total to 15, that cover the advances in DMARC-as-a-Service that have been championed by Valimail
  • Delivered the latest version of Enforce, a best of breed DMARC automation software with features like:
    • Sending Service Identification to expedite the process of registering sending services and reaching DMARC enforcement
    • Smart Alerts to notify customers of unusual activity or changes that correlate to phishing activity
    • Extensible APIs to drive integrations from Valimail’s solutions into the rest of the security tool chain including SIEM’s, messaging tools, ticketing systems, and more
  • Adoption of BIMI by Apple Mail, bringing the total percentage of mailboxes ready for BIMI up to approximately 60%. Valimail has been a driving force behind BIMI, and Valimail’s own Seth Blank chairs the BIMI working group
  • Presented, and holds leadership positions, on key email authentication trends at leading industry events including MAAWG, IETF, as well as direct engagement with Microsoft, Google, Yahoo, Apple, and other international mailboxes

Last but not least, we wanted to share that Valimail was honored to be named one of Built In’s 2023 Best Places to Work on both the Best Remote Companies and Best Mid-Size Companies lists. This is a wonderful recognition of our dedication being a “People First” employer, with an employee net promoter score (eNPS) on par with tech giants like Google, Salesforce, and Microsoft.

“We’re proud of the accomplishments last year,” García-Tobar added, “now we’re focused on our new fiscal year, and are excited about our expanded reach, partners, strong financials, and new set of products we’re releasing. We’ll continue to live up to our reputation as the pioneer, leader, and most trusted vendor in our space. A sincere note of gratitude and enthusiastic march onwards!” 

Note: Valimail’s fiscal year 2023 ran from February 1, 2022 through January 31, 2023.

About Valimail
Valimail, the global leader in zero-trust email authentication security, invented hosted DMARC in 2015 and DMARC-as-a-service in 2021. The company’s full line of cloud-native solutions authenticates sender identity to stop phishing, protect brands, and ensure compliance. From neighborhood shops to some of the world’s largest brands, many organizations use these solutions to secure their emails. Valimail holds the most robust portfolio of patents that unlock DMARC for businesses at scale and is the only DMARC solution to earn FedRAMP certification. The premier DMARC partner for Microsoft 365 environments, Valimail also holds leadership positions on every key industry standards body, driving today’s email authentication policies and tomorrow’s cybersecurity advancements for everyone. For more information, visit

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