Valimail Joins Microsoft Intelligent Security Association

Microsoft Office 365 Customers Gain More Flexibility and Greater Access to Industry-Leading Automated DMARC Deployment and Visibility

SAN FRANCISCO, September 25, 2018 — Valimail, the world’s only provider of fully automated email authentication, announced today that it has joined the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association.

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Valimail will provide its Automated DMARC for Office 365 service to Microsoft Office 365 customers in monitoring mode free of charge, giving them visibility into all senders worldwide who are sending email “as” them.

Built from Valimail’s IDEA platform, Valimail’s new Office 365 service automates identification, configuration, and maintenance of DMARC to deliver market-leading success rates and time to enforcement. It is also easy to deploy, requiring near-zero FTEs and administrative overhead.

“We are honored Microsoft invited us to join the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association,” said Steve Mock, the vice president for business development at Valimail. “We look forward to giving the entire Office 365 community visibility and control over how their domains are being used — and abused — to send email.”

Ryan McGee, Director, Microsoft Security Marketing at Microsoft Corp. added, “We know that email phishing is one of the most prevalent methods of attack used by hackers. Our goal is to give Microsoft customers greater ability to protect their users and gain control over how their email domains are being used. Valimail’s technology can now enable them to exert that control, within Office 365 as well as for any cloud services using a customer’s domain.”

Why DMARC Is Critical

DMARC (in conjunction with the SPF, DKIM, ARC, and BIMI standards) forms a foundation for email authentication systems that, when implemented correctly, will detect and block impersonation attacks both inside and outside a company, protect the company’s brand globally, and improve email deliverability. These email authentication systems are designed and implemented in vastly different ways with different visibility and success outcomes.

The Valimail IDEA platform is the newest and most sophisticated such system, and it enables automated implementation and maintenance of email authentication. It leverages all of the various email authentication standards and works synergistically with Office 365 for unprecedented security, brand protection, and email deliverability.

Free DMARC Monitoring for O365 Customers

Valimail Automated DMARC for Office 365  provides easy, five-minute implementation and zero-effort maintenance of DMARC for all Office 365 customers. It also provides an easy pathway to enforcement for customers that want to go beyond visibility and actually shut down unauthorized senders.

Valimail is offering the monitoring/visibility service for free to Office 365 customers. To enable Valimail Automated DMARC for Office 365, complete our contact form.