DMARC: Don’t Take the Bait on Phishing, Come into Compliance

Government agencies are a favorite target of hackers, and email the preferred method of intrusion. In fact, phishing via deceptive emails is the most common means of all cyberattacks, according to a recent industry study. And most agencies aren’t doing enough to stop it.

The Department of Homeland Security last year responded with a directive for all federal agencies to adopt DMARC – Domain Message Authentication Reporting and Conformance – for email authentication. The deadline for fully adopting DMARC is in October, yet about 80 percent of more than 1,300 dot-gov domains don’t meet requirements, and adoption is even less among dot-mil domains.

In this webcast, you will learn:

  • About DMARC email authentication and the requirements of DHS BOD 18-01
  • How to get worldwide visibility to all email activity in your .GOV and .MIL domains
  • Identifying authorized email services, "Shadow IT," and malicious actors
  • Avoiding the risks of DMARC misconfiguration
  • Strategies to achieve DMARC enforcement (p=reject)
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